March, 2018

This document provides basic information about new features and modifications in

After the release of Trimble® Accubid® Enterprise v8 issues were reported that have been addressed with Trimble® Accubid® Enterprise v8.0.1.  We take the feedback from our users very serious and are continuously improving and evolving the product to meet the expectations of our customers. This document lists modifications and corrections to the original Trimble® Accubid® Enterprise v8 release.

Trimble recommends that users that are currently running Trimble® Accubid® Enterprise v8 update to this version immediately.

Enhancements, and Modifications


  1. Fixed issue where copy and paste didn’t work with the first paste

  2. Fixed an issue where the selected bid summary was not remembered when switching jobs

  3. Fixed an issue where opening multiple bid summaries caused wrong numbers in the final pricing tab

  4. Fixed an issue where the screen is not responding anymore after taking off an item from the database using the search box

  5. Fixed an issue where user can’t create and copy an estimate under a newly created folder under the projects files & folder section

  6. Fixed an issue where layers were duplicated in LiveCount Cloud for the first the first takeoff

  7. Fixed an issue where copying a job switches the takeoff device to LiveCount cloud and makes the job a live count cloud job



Operating Systems

This version of the Trimble Accubid Enterprise software is compatible with Microsoft Windows® 10 and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

1Note – Windows 7 Home Edition, Windows 8.x, or Windows 10 S are not supported.

For a complete listing of System Requirements/Technical Specifications, please go to the Trimble MEP website:


Compatible “Update From” Versions

The Trimble Accubid Enterprise software can be updated directly from any release of the following:

  • Version 6.9.1

  • Version 7.x

If the currently installed version is not in the list above, please contact MEP Client Services at 1-800-361-3030 for assistance prior to installing.

Microsoft SQL Server

Trimble Accubid Enterprise supports Microsoft SQL Server 2014. We no longer support Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2012 as Microsoft ceased mainstream support for the product.


Tip -  When installing SQL Server 2014, which is included with Enterprise v8, on Windows Server 2016 you may receive a message that .Net 3.5 needs to be installed. This will only work automatically on machines with Win10 operating system. For all other configurations .Net 3.5 needs to be enabled as a Windows Server Feature .


For a more complete listing of technical specifications, please go to our website at to review the technical specifications for the Enterprise software (Products & Solutions / Estimating / Trimble Accubid Enterprise Estimating / Technical Specifications).

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