April, 2020



These Release Notes describe the enhancements and software correction that are in version 9.0.1 of the Trimble® Accubid® Enterprise software.  

New Features, General Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

We appreciate your feedback and are continuously evolving the product to meet the needs of our customers. Various improvements have been made to this version with a focus on enhancing the user experience by providing the user consolidated views of the missing data in certain areas of the application, reducing the amount of time the user waits for the application to finish performing heavy operations and by providing the user an easy way to handle and manipulate the data without having to change screens multiple times.  We are confident that these changes will reduce the amount time you spend reviewing data resulting in a faster and more accurate estimate and overall customer satisfaction.

Filtering Extensions screen affects the Closeout and Final Pricing screens

In a previous version we introduced the ability to maintain the filters on the Extension screen. The Extension filtering affected the closeout and the final pricing data where the Final Pricing reflected the filtered Extension data and not the full Extension data. The filtering feature has proven very helpful for all users. However, based on user feedback, most users prefer that the Closeout and Final Pricing data reflect the full Extension Data, not the filtered Extension data. In this release we changed the behaviour of the Extension filtering feature so it doesn't affect the Closeout or Final Price data. The Closeout and Final Price data always reflect the full Extension data.    

Copy Job Enhancement

Major performance enhancement for the Copy Job process. When trying to copy some large jobs, the copy process would not finish forcing the user to terminate the application. The effect of this enhancement is most noticeable with larger Jobs

Project search causes refresh issue when switching between estimates

Fixed an issue where if a user has a job open then opens a second job using the Search functionality on the Job Schedule screen, after opening the second Job, it was noticed that the first job reflects the same information as the second job.

Updating Takeoff Resolution Status

Fixed an issue that would cause the Audit trail not to update the resolution status of the takeoffs, in some scenarios, even though a takeoff has been fully resolved the Audit Trail would continue to show the takeoff in Resolving State.  The issue has multiple manifestations such as: 

    Audit Trail not updating the resolution status

    Item show as still resolving but they aren't as you can calculate material & labour

    In Takeoff, when updating Global Variables, the resolution appears to freeze

When copy and paste takeoffs across jobs, the resolver icon shows unresolved 

Corrected an issue copying and pasting takeoffs across jobs, the resolver icon shows unresolved until the resolvers finishes resolving all takeoffs. Now, takeoffs are showing the correct resolution status during paste

Other Issues

  • Fixed application crashing when trying to calculate Material Dollar and labor Hour when Field Labor is zero on one of the break downs. When a user tries to resolve a takeoff that uses a breakdown with a field labor of zero, an error occurs and the application closes.

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases Takeoffs with Hanger were not resolving 

  • Improved resolver caching and fixed an issue when using multiple resolver where updating some information was not being propagated to all resolvers causing wrong resolution. 

  • Corrected an issue where users where unable to delete empty folder from specification template tree in DBM

  • Pressing F5 on Audit Trail forces an update of audit trail data with a fresh copy from the data base

Product Assistance

Trimble offers several avenues to obtain help using the Trimble Accubid Enterprise software.

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Note – The office is closed on major holidays.


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