December, 2015

New Features/Enhancements

The following enhancements have been added to the Trimble® AllTrak® Cloud v2.0:

Asset Charge Module

The Asset Charge module is a new optional module now available with the AllTrak Cloud software in v2.0. The Asset Charge module enables Assets, Commodities and Consumables to be charged to a Jobsite Location based on a one time charge, daily charge, or a time based rate table. AllTrak Cloud will track the cost of the use of assets on a Jobsite and the Jobsites sub-locations based on how long those assets are on the Jobsite. This section describes the features of the Asset Charge Module.

Company Settings: Asset Charge Settings

The Asset Charge Settings under Company Settings establishes the default charge settings for Jobsite Locations. The Company Settings must be set and saved before Asset Charges can be setup for Jobsite Locations, Assets, Commodities or Consumables. Select the appropriate settings as described below for your company and click Save at the bottom of the Settings panel. Only an Administrator can set the Company default Asset Charge Settings.

Workdays and Business Hours

The workdays and business hours should be set based on what days and hours your company typically works on jobsites. These settings can be changed for individual Jobsite Locations, but these settings are also used to adjust Time-based asset charges for Jobsites that do not follow the standard settings. For this reason, after being set these settings should not be changed without careful consideration.

Workdays: Check the days of the week that your company typically works.

Chargeable hours per day: Enter the number chargeable hours typically worked each day on the jobsite.

Start Time / End Time: The start time and end time establish a work window during which assets transferred to a jobsite should be charged. The work window can be equal to or longer than the chargeable hours per day, but it cannot be shorter.

Billable days per month: Enter the number of chargeable workdays that a Time-based charge asset should be on the site before entering the 2nd month of charges. 

Note: If you work a 5 day week and treat a month as 4 weeks then enter 20. If you work 6 days and treat a month as 4 weeks then enter 24.


The Holidays control sets up the Holidays that your company typically does not work.

Click on + to add a holiday or other non-working event to the settings. The recurrence of a holiday from year to year can be setup in multiple ways.

Name sets a descriptive name for the holiday being added.

A One Time Event establishes a non-working day that occurs only once and does not repeat year after year.

Recurs every <select date> sets up a Holiday that recurs on the same date year after year.  If the Holiday falls on a weekend the day the holiday is recognized can be adjusted based on the following settings:

·None: the holiday is only recognized on the day that if falls.

  • Nearest Workday: the holiday should be recognized on the nearest workday whether that day precedes or follows the actual holiday date.  If the holiday date falls on a Saturday, then recognize the preceding Friday as a holiday, if the date falls on a Sunday then recognize the following Monday as a holiday.

  • Preceding Workday: the holiday is recognized on the preceding workday regardless on which weekend day the holiday falls.  If the holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, recognize Friday as the holiday.

  • Following Workday: the holiday is recognized on the following workday regardless on which weekend day the holiday falls.  If the holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, recognize Monday as the holiday.

Recurs every <select week> <select day> of <select month>: sets up a Holiday that recurs on specific week on the same day of the week in a specific month year after year.  For example in the United States, Memorial Day falls on the last Monday of May and Labor Day falls on the first Monday of September.

Click Add to add the Holiday to the list of recognized holidays.

Select a holiday and click to edit the settings for the holiday.

Select a holiday and click to delete the holiday.

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