January, 2016

New Features/Enhancements The following enhancements have been added to the Trimble® AllTrak® Cloud v2.1:

Column Chooser

In the Location and Asset Views you have the ability to choose what columns you want to display in the grid.  Click on the Column Chooser icon to open the Column Chooser menu.  You can drag and drop desired columns to display from the menu to the grid.  You can also drag and drop columns you do not want to display by dragging and dropping a column header from the grid to the Column Chooser menu. 

Export Grid Data to Excel

In the Location and Asset Views you have the ability to export the data that is currently displayed in the grid what columns you want to display in the grid.  Click on the Export to Excel icon to export the grid data to Microsoft® Excel.   Only the data that is currently set to display in the grid will be exported.  Columns that are hidden will not be exported. 

Grid Search

The Search capability available in the Location, Asset, Employee and Template Views has been improved to search across all displayed columns in the grid.  The grid display will filter what is displayed to show those rows that include the text in one or more columns that contain the text entered into the search box.

New Grid View

AllTrak Cloud version 2.1 introduces a new grid view engine that enables many new features and enhancements to AllTrak Cloud. 


You can now scroll the full grid simply by placing the mouse pointer over the grid and rolling the mouse wheel up or down to scroll through the grid.  The number of items displayed in the grid is listed on the status bar at the bottom of the grid.  As the grid is scrolled the application will continue to load data into the grid. 

Data Sort

Data in the Grid View can be sorted by any column in the grid.  Click on the column header that you want to use to sort the data.  The first click will sort the column in ascending order.  Click on the column header again to reverse the sort order.  An arrow will display in the column that is controlling the sort order of the data.  The direction of the arrow indicates the direction the data is sorted.

Column Filter

Data in the Grid View can be filtered using the Column Filter option.  Click on the filter icon displayed at the right edge of each column header to open the filter menu.  Click the check box for Show All to display all data.  Click on the check box next to individual selections to filter the list.  More than one option can be selected and multiple columns can be filtered at the same time.  The filter icon will be bolded in the Column Header of the Columns that have been filtered.

Column Order

You can modify the order of the columns displayed simply by clicking, dragging and dropping the column header in the position where you want it displayed.

Note: Grid settings are stored in the browser cache on the machine that is used to access AllTrak Cloud.  If the browser cache is cleared or reset, then the grid settings are reset to the default settings.

View All Assets in Asset View

You can now view all assets (Unique Assets, Commodity Assets and Consumable Assets) in the Asset View by selecting the Asset Groups Title in the panel to the left of the grid.  All grid features are available when displaying all assets including Export to Excel and Search Assets.

Friendly Name

Friendly Name is a new alphanumeric field available to describe and assets.  This field can be used to enter a descriptive name for the asset.  The Friendly Name field is specific to the asset, whereas the Description field is assigned to the Asset Template. 

Cost Center

Cost Center is a new alphanumeric field available to be entered for Locations.

Cost Code

Cost Code is a new alphanumeric field available to be entered for Asset Templates.  The field is visible in Add/Edit Asset Template dialog and in the Managed As tab of the Add/Edit Asset dialog.  The field is not editable in the Add/Edit Asset dialog except if the asset being added is being used to create the Asset Template.

Import Improvements

An import Manufacturer template is now available.

The import template list is displayed in a logical order for importing information into AllTrak Cloud.  Employees should be imported before Locations are imported because all Locations are required to have a Location Manager.  Locations, Manufacturers and Asset Groups should be imported before Assets because Assets must be placed at a Location, must be assigned to an Asset Group and Manufacturers are typically entered for assets.

Selecting Advanced Asset provides new expanded Asset Import Templates with additional asset fields to increase the information that can be imported into AllTrak Cloud.  The Basic Asset option uses the original template with fewer available fields for import.

A Consumable Asset template is now available.  It is located under the Advanced Asset option.

Column Headers that are required information are displayed in a red font in the import templates.