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This document provides information about new features and modifications in release v3.0 of the Trimble® AllTrak™ Cloud software, which was deployed to the alltrak.trimble.com site on May 28, 2018.

New Features and Improvements in Version 3.0

Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) Tag Support

Trimble AllTrak Cloud now has the ability to read Trimble Bluetooth Beacons and Milwaukee® TICK™ tags using the AllTrak Cloud Mobile application.  The Check Inventory, View Item and Confirm Delivery workflows support Bluetooth scanning of tags to simplify these workflows when Bluetooth tags are enabled.

The Bluetooth scanning functionality also records the GPS position of an asset that has a Bluetooth tag and can display the position of the tag on a map when viewing the Asset’s details on the mobile app or in the Asset Side Panel on the web client.

Please contact your account representative to discuss enabling this module for your company.

Add Asset – Browser Client Changes

A few changes have been made to the Add Asset popup on the Browser client to enable the BLE tag support.  Fields for “Scan Code Type” and “Alternate Code Type” have been added. Unless the BLE tag module has been enabled, these fields will be automatically set to “Inv. ID/Barcode”.  

There is no change to how the “Scan Code” and “Alternate Code” fields are used.  Enter the value of the Barcode attached to the asset and/or add the internal Inventory ID that you company uses to identify the asset.  It does not matter which field is used for these values, but typically the Scan Code field is used for the Barcode value and the Alternate Code field is used for the Inventory ID.

The values entered into these fields must be unique.

Add Consumables

New stock locations can now be added to a Consumable with a Current Stock and a Minimum Stock of 0.  Previously these values had to be greater than 0. It is now possible to setup a Consumable in the system without any current stock.  If the Minimum Stock Level is set to 0 and Alerts are enabled for this Consumable then an Alert will generate when the Stock Level reaches 0.

Editing Service or Certificate Templates

Prior to v3.0, editing a Service or Certificate Template did not impact any currently scheduled services.   Now, editing a Service or Certificate Template may impact Alerts that have been generated or are scheduled to be generated for the Service or Certificate.  Also, in certain situations the currently scheduled date of a Service or Certificate for an asset may be modified.

Impact on Scheduled Services when Updating the Service Template Interval

  • Service has been completed (at least once) for the asset

    • Currently scheduled service date will be modified to the last completion date for the service + the new service interval.

  • Service Interval is changed and Service has never been completed for the Asset:

    • Existing scheduled service date will be updated by the difference between the previous service interval and the new service interval.

    • If the Service Interval is decreased (3 months to 1 month) then the difference between the previous and new interval (-2 months) will be subtracted from the current scheduled service date.  e.g. Service date is scheduled for 15 August 2018 and Service Interval is changed from 3 months to 1 month, the updated Scheduled Service Date will be 15 June 2018.

    • If the Service Interval is increased (3 months to 6 months), then the difference between the intervals (+3 months) will be added to the current scheduled service date.  Currently Scheduled Services on 15 Jul 2018 will be changed to 15 Oct 2018.

    • If updated Scheduled Service Date is in the past, an Alert will generate.

Alert Notification Flag and Alert Interval Changes

  • Alert Notification Flag is checked after previously being unchecked

    • Service/Certificate Expiration Alerts for all assets that are associated with the Service/Certificate will be generated based on the updated Alert Notification Rules

  • Alert Notification Flag is unchecked after previously being checked

    • All Service/Certificate Expiration alerts previously generated for this Service/Certificate will be deleted from dashboard

  • Alert Notification Interval is increased

    • Service/Certificate alerts for assets associated with the Service/Certificate will be regenerated based on the new interval.

    • In the case where the updated Alert date is in the past and the Alert has not been generated, then the Alert will appear in the dashboard.

  • Alert Notification Interval is decreased

    • All previously generated Service/Certificate Alerts that fall outside of the alert notification interval (the updated Alert date has not been reached), will cleared from dashboard and will be regenerated when the updated Alert date is reached.

Mobile App – Transfer Confirm Delete

A Confirm Delete message has been added to the Delete Cart workflow within the Transfer workflow on the Mobile App.  This was added to prevent users from accidently removing all assets that had been added to the cart by simply brushing the Delete icon.  Now when the Delete icon is pressed a Delete Transfer Cart confirmation box will appear.  Click Yes to delete the entire cart, click on No to cancel the deletion.

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Trimble® AllTrak™ Cloud Release Notes 3.0 (A)


Monday, May 28, 2018