May, 2012

New Feature/Enhancements to the AllTrak software

Trimble® Quick Link Software Interface

This release of the Trimble AllTrak software includes an interface with Trimble  Quick Link, a licensing and communication software application. Benefits of this  software application:

Virtual Computer Users

If you have Trimble AllTrak installed on a virtual machine, you no longer have to  contact technical support to renew your licenses every 90 days.

License Administration Control

Using the Trimble® Quick Link Management Studio, you can view license  availability, update licensing, and obtain new licensing.

Server Moves

In the event you need to move Trimble AllTrak from one server to another, you can  easily accomplish this without contacting technical support for licensing issues.

Share licenses

Licenses can be shared between multiple offices; however, the Trimble® Quick Link  Hub must be installed at all locations.

Grid Customization

Location Grid Settings

This release allows you to customize a grid and then apply those settings to all  locations. This eliminates the need to customize the grid at every location. You can  create the settings you want and then simply go to Tools > Apply Grid  Customizations to ALL Locations. All locations will inherit the customization  performed.


Customize Asset Grid Options

The Customize Asset Grid option from the shortcut (right-click) menu now includes  all available fields. The Display Settings option in the Settings menu is now removed  as a result.


Reset Grid Customization option

A Reset Grid Customization option now available under the Tools menu, so you can  restore the grid layout to the factory defaults.


Database Optimization/Speed

Grid Display

A new main display grid now significantly increases the speed performance of the  software when working with large data sets.


Large Databases

To improve the performance of the display grid for large databases, there is now a  setting to optimize the handling of large databases. To set this option, go to Personal  Settings and select the Use Large Database Optimization checkbox. When you select  this option, the entire database does not load at start-up. This results in faster  processing times for day-to-day tasks. When using this setting, Trimble recommends that you use the search capabilities and  custom views to achieve the best performance from the system.

Auto Refresh Alerts

To increase the speed performance of Trimble AllTrak, you can now turn off  automatic refresh of alerts. This will increase the speed performance of the software if  you are working with a large number of assets. To turn off alerts, open Personal  Settings and clear the Auto Refresh Alerts checkbox. When this option is disabled,  alerts will update only when the software starts up.

Pre-Transfer Validation options

You can now disable Pre-Transfer Validation, which increases the speed performance  if you are transferring a large number of assets in a single transaction. To disable the  pre-transfer validation, go to Personal Settings and clear the Perform Pre-Transfer  Validation checkbox.

If you disable the automatic pre-transfer validation, transfers can validated manually  in the transfer screens by clicking the Tools menu and selecting Validate Transfer.

Database Updates

This version of the software runs version 12 of the Sybase® SQL Anywhere®  database.

Enhancements to the AllTrak Mobile software

General speed enhancements

General software updates now noticeably increases the speed performance of the  AllTrak Mobile software.

Disable Validation Reports

A Disable Validation Reports option is now available in the Options screen. When  selected, the validation is performed and documented in the database, however a  report is not sent to the mobile device.