October, 2014

New Features/Enhancements

The following enhancements have been added to the AutoBid Mechanical software.

Trade Service Supplier Xchange™

The 2014 v3 release of the AutoBid Mechanical software includes an interface with the Trade Service Supplier Xchange system. This system dramatically speeds the bidding process by connecting you to your preferred supplier’s pricing data in real time.

You electronically submit a list of items to your supplier from AutoBid Mechanical and the list is instantly matched to your supplier’s pricing file. It is then returned to you - complete with pricing. You can then add the price quote to the bid.

Tip – You must subscribe to the Trade Service Supplier Xchange service in order to use this feature. You can refer to the Trade Service website for more details or contact (800)701-7003 for information on subscribing to the service.

Complete details on using this interface are included in the AutoBid Mechanical online help system.

Project List

The project list now offers the ability to view projects in a tree. This feature provides better organization of your projects, making it easier to find projects in larger lists.

Autobid mechanical project list

This feature allows you to:

  • Group related projects together using folders
  • Create projects under specific folders
  • Move existing projects into desired folder
  • View basic project information, including “lock” status
  • Date the project was last accessed (for archive purposes)

Tip – If desired, you can continue to use the Project List grid view, go to View /Switch to Table View. When you select this view, it becomes the default in your system.


On-Screen View TakeOff

Hanger On/Off

You can now add a Hanger On/Off toggle to the Item Mouse Menu.

customize mouse menu items in autobid mechanical

The hanger toggle on the MouseMenu provides easy access to turning hangers on and off while in On-Screen View TakeOff.
Tip – You can add this command to any desired tab on the Item MouseMenu.

• Vertical TakeOff
The AutoBid Mechanical software now allows you to display the MouseMenu while in the Vertical TakeOff window.

Autobid Mouse Menu Configuration

This feature allows you to select items directly from the MouseMenu instead of drilling down through the Items dialogs.

Branch From Command

The Branch From command now recognizes when you are working with a vertical run. When you click the Branch From command and then click on a vertical run, the AutoBid Mechanical software asks if you want to branch from the top or bottom of the fitting.
Note – Because of this enhancement, the Branch from Vertical command is no longer required. It has been removed from the On-Screen View Commands.

General TakeOff

• Hot Spot Conversion
This release of the AutoBid Mechanical software offers an option to convert hot spots to a specific library item, symbol, or assembly. You can convert all hot spots to the same item or convert hot spots selection-by-selection to what you want.

Convert Hotspots in autobid mechanical

This feature helps you ensure that the proper item, symbol, or assembly is added to your TakeOff, improving accuracy.

Add Drop/Rise
The Add Drop/Rise functionality has been enhanced to allow you to specify an end item, instead of generating a hot spot. This allows you to enter an Add Drop/Rise faster and more accurately.

Add drop or rise in autobid mechanical