November, 2018

New Features, Enhancements, and Modifications

New Version Notification

We are excited to inform you of a New Notification feature within AutoBid Mechanical 2018v1.  You will be notified as you log in when a new version of the software is available. This notification will include access to What’s New, as well as, a link to the product installation wizard.  

You are also able to check at any time if you are running the most current version of the software:

Introducing Trimble Weld

We are excited to announce a brand new workflow that provides interoperability between Trimble Weld and Trimble SysQue.  This workflow allows for better intelligence, analytics, and business decisions.


Industry Challenges: Construction data is historically self-contained.  Data is entered into Estimating applications or Detailing Software and those applications hold the data with no real way to pass data between applications.  This results in Redundant Data Entry.


You now have the ability to Publish your project to Trimble Weld.




To set up a Trimble Weld account please contact [email protected].  Once you have a Trimble Weld account and have set your Trimble ID, you need to enter your credentials in Master Settings>Employees>Tools>Employee Security:

NOTE - Before you can publish a project to Trimble Weld, you must set your CAD reference points in Takeoff, per drawing.  There is a new command in the Takeoff Menu to set these reference points.


Then you Select which floor and click on each reference point


You must also make sure you run all applicable SIP Details because we are publishing the Audit Trail items combined with the system specifications.


What is Trimble Weld: Trimble Weld is a tool that provides Analytics and Intelligent Dashboards.  For example, the ability to compare material dollars and labor hours from your estimate to the detailed model.  This allows you to identify possible cost overruns prior to expending construction hours. You can also aggregate data across multiple projects to identify trends.

NOTE - Estimating data added to Trimble Weld from AutoBid Mechanical 2018 v1 and Detailed Model data is added to Trimble Weld from Trimble SysQue Version 6.2 or later.  For more information on Trimble SysQue please visit our website:


SQL Server Standard 2014 Upgrade Option

We now offer an upgrade to customers from Microsoft SQL Server Express to SQL Server Standard edition.  With this upgrade comes additional limits on database size (SQL Express has a 10GB database limit) along with superior management and integration tools.  For more information please fill in this Contact Me form and your Sales Representative will be in touch quickly.


Improvements to Takeoff Functionality

The following enhancements have been added to Takeoff in an effort to improve Takeoff efficiency.

End with an ITEM on multi-branch pairs

Frequently customers asked for the ability to end with an item, such as a ball valve, when performing a multi-branch pairs takeoff.  We have introduced this ability in this new version.

Enhancement to Automatic fitting Generation Defaults

You now have the ability to define a size break for your Non-Reducing and Reducing Branch fittings.

For example;

You may wish to use a DWV Combination fitting through 8” then a Wye and 1/8 bend above 8”  



Copy Symbols from another Project

You now have the ability to select which Symbols you want to copy from another job.  In the Setup Project Section under File, you will now see an option Copy Symbol Schedule From…


Use Box-In with Options tool to apply negative values and Convert Hot Spots

There are two new features in the Box-in with Options tool:

  • You can apply negative values to assist with deductive Change Orders or Alternate pricing.   

  • You can isolate Hot Spots then, you can convert those Hot Spots in the same way that you could previously using the Convert Hot Spots option.


Multi-Insert Hot Spots

From the Command and Right Click mouse menu, you now have the ability to insert multiple Hot Spots without having to go back and re-initiate the Insert Hot Spot command.


General Functionality

Below is a list of other general improvements found within this version

Running count before end run (OSV and Count Mode)

The task bar now displays the running total count of takeoff items before you end your run.    


Copy Structure and Item Elevations

When creating a new project, you can now copy Structure and Item Elevations from your default job or from a previous project.


Renumbering Takeoff Option

In a recent release we changed the way the Takeoffs were being ordered.  To accommodate multi-user takeoff, we forced Takeoff numbering to be by drawing.  You now have the ability to disable this option in the New Project Wizard and to save this as your default option for New Projects.  This option can also be toggled from one setting to the other in the Setup Project dialog.


NOTE - If you disable renumbering by drawing it also disables the ability to check out drawings.

Quickly Find Joint Configurations by name

When in the Joint Configurations window, you have a the ability to begin typing the name of the Joint Configuration you wish to review

NOTE - Backspace will delete the last typed letter and Esc will delete the existing key search so that you can begin again

Perform Character Search for Projects

In the Project grid view, there is now the ability to perform a character search in the project name.

Optimize loading takeoff

Performance improvements have been made to loading takeoff, specifically for those who are not using a digitizer or smart menu.

Multi-move projects in project list folder view

New functionality enables you to select multiple projects within the project list folder view, and move those projects between folders using a very simple drag and drop.


Notes in project list

A note section is now available by project in the project list folder view:


Ability to turn off unused toolbar icons in OSV

You now have the ability to choose which Toolbar Icons to display in your toolbar

NOTE - In order to make this option available, you need to disable the Reset toolbar on start-up option. It is located in OSV Tools > On-Screen View Customizations>Options