December, 2019

AutoBid Mechanical 2019v2


This document provides basic information about new features and modifications in the 2019v1 release and the 2019v2 release of the Trimble® AutoBid® Mechanical software. 

These Release Notes cover the following topics:


New Features, Enhancements, and Modifications

Essential release information

Update installation instructions

Product assistance

Legal Notices


These Release Notes describe features and modifications that are new in version 2019v1 of the AutoBid Mechanical software and the software correction in 2019v2

AutoBid Mechanical 2019v2 contains all of these features and modifications plus some additional software corrections for issues discovered in AutoBid Mechanical 2019v1.

Installation procedure

For step-by-step instructions for a new installation of this release, refer to the Trimble AutoBid Mechanical  Installation Guide.

Upgrade procedure

For requirements to install this update, see the Update installation instructions section of this document. Trimble recommends that you print these instructions to help ensure correct operation of the software application after installation.


Operating Systems

This version of AutoBid Mechanical is compatible with the following Microsoft® operating systems:

  • Windows® 10 64-bit Professional 

NOTE – We do not support Windows Home Edition, Windows 8.x or Windows 10 S.

For a complete listing of system requirements and technical specifications, view our System Specifications. To run AutoBid Mechanical on 4K monitors, please follow the instructions in this support note.

2019v2 Enhancements

The software issues corrected in this release were primarily related to windows sizing and positioning and some user interface issues that were discovered when using dual screen monitors the application as follows: 

  • TakeOff window not loading Background Drawings in On-Screen View

An issue was discovered where the user would have the Takeoff window on their secondary monitor, then close the application and then relaunch the Takeoff screen. The Takeoff screen would open correctly on the secondary monitor; however, the On-Screen View would not be displayed the background drawing. The user had to switch to the Audit Trail View then switch back to the On-Screen view in order to get the background drawing displayed correctly again.   

  • TakeOff window and menu sizing and positioning issues

An issue was discovered where the TakeOff window was not resizing properly to fill the entire screen on an individual display, and it was not retaining the previous location or size information of where it was last opened. Also, when moving the TakeOff window to a second monitor, the window size and position were not set correctly when trying to "Maximize" the window. Also, when working in On-Screen View, the Toolbar, Background Drawing, and Audit Trail Dock were not centred properly in the window.

  • Item Detail Mouse Menu not retaining the location where the user placed it last 

Some users would experience a variety of different behaviours when launching the Line Item Detail Menu where the window would not retain its last open location.    

  • Takeoff Mouse Menu appears at the top of screen when launching Takeoff

Users experienced an issue with Takeoff Mouse Menus when using a single monitor where the Takeoff Mouse Menus would not retain their last location where the user placed them. The user would launch the Takeoff, place the Takeoff Mouse Menus, Dimensions Menu and other Takeoff UI elements in the user’s desired location on the screen. When the user closed the Takeoff then relaunched the Takeoff the Mouse Menus would appear at the top of the screen.

New Features, Enhancements, and Modifications

Detailed WorkSpaces

Some drawings contain multiple sections, each with its own scale. Up to five different Detailed Workspaces can be added to an On Screen View (OSV) background drawing. The following capabilities are available for each workspace:

  • Set a rectangular work area.

  • Set a custom scale for items taken off in that workspace. 

  • Ability to set the scale within the Detailed Workspace using 2 points of reference on the background drawing. 

  • The custom scale can be displayed at one of the corners of the workspace.

  • Select a border style (or none); border color; and border thickness (for solid border style only).

  • Ability to delete or edit a Detailed Workspace using a fly out right mouse click menu.

  • Ability to edit any of the properties except the coordinates of the rectangular region. 

When taking off inside a Detailed Workspace, the scale will automatically be set to the workspace scale when the following commands are executed, starting inside the workspace:

  • Starting a run with pipe/duct or with an item.

  • Any “Branch From” command.

  • Multi-Branch pairs (while inside the workspace).

  • Special TakeOff mode: length or area.

The scale of a run previously taken off inside a detailed workspace can be changed using the edit item detail window or Search & Replace.

Ability to color and indent “IF/ENDIF” blocks in Assemblies

The Assembly formula editor is a very powerful tool. One of the challenges with the formula editor was the ability to visually match and identify nested IF/ENDIF blocks. AutoBid now has the ability to Indent all IF/ENDIF blocks and / or apply a color scheme to the “IF/ENDIF” block. This feature can be accessed from the Tools menu in the Assembly Editor Dialog.

Ability to add dimensions to Item MouseMenus

AutoBid now has the ability to add specific dimensions directly to the Item MouseMenus.

Ability to convert TouchMenus and SmartMenus to Item  MouseMenus

The ability to convert current TouchMenus and SmartMenus to Item MouseMenus is now available. AutoBid converts only the items used for On Screen View.  This feature is particularly helpful when moving away from digitized TakeOff.


TakeOff: Allow Exit without saving changes

Autobid Mechanical v2014 and earlier had the ability to exit TakeOff without saving changes. This ability was lost when AutoBid was converted to use MicroSoft SQL. This feature has been re-created as a result of customer feedback.

Ability to multi-select symbols into the Audit Trail

AutoBid now has the ability to quickly add multiple symbols to the audit trail in Audit Trail View.

This feature is enabled by checking the “Multi Select” checkbox in the Item List window. When in the “Multi Select” mode multiple symbols can be selected at the same time by holding down the control key. Upon selection, the Takeoff Multiple Symbols dialog box appears allowing for the entry of dimension and quantity for each of the selected symbols and adds them to the audit trail.


Changes for Metric dimensions

AutoBid now has the ability to have metric takeoff dimensions round up to next US standard pipe size when converting from metric to US standard. AutoBid now also has the ability to add or edit Pipe Size metric conversions similar to ability in v2014.

New Trimble Advanced Template Upgrade.

Autobid Mechanical has a new Trimble Advanced Template. However if the user is upgrading from Autobid Mechanical version 2018v2, the New Trimble Advanced Template is not automatically upgraded to the most recent revised version. The user has the ability to manually update the Template to the latest version via the Template Manager UI. 

  • Launch Rapid Report

  • Select File Template Manager

  •  On Template Manager UI select File →  Import AutoBid Master Templates

  • When prompted to Update Template, click Yes

Essential Release Information

Windows operating system updates

To successfully install this AutoBid Mechanical software update, your system must be up-to-date with all Windows updates. If a restart of the operating system is necessary after Windows updates have been installed, you must do this before starting the AutoBid Mechanical installation procedures outlined in this document.

Trimble Quick Link software

The AutoBid Mechanical software requires Trimble Quick Link licensing and communication software. This software is included on the AutoBid Mechanical Installation media. 

This installation may require a restart of your computer. Trimble recommends that you do this during a non-busy time or after hours to minimize disruptions in your company’s workflow.

Compatible versions for this update

Release 2019v2 of the AutoBid Mechanical software can be updated from the following versions:

  • AutoBid Mechanical 2019 v1

  • AutoBid Mechanical 2018 v1 & V2

  • AutoBid Mechanical 2017 v1

  • AutoBid Mechanical 2016 v1

  • AutoBid Mechanical 2014 v3

Tip – If you are not currently on one of the releases above, you must update to 2014 v3 before upgrading to 2019 v1.


Update Installation Instructions

The information below outlines the update installation requirements for Trimble® AutoBid®  Mechanical 2019 v1. 


AutoBid Mechanical version verification

  1. Open the AutoBid® Mechanical application currently installed.

  2. Go to Help / About AutoBid® Mechanical to see which version you are currently running.

  1. Make a note of the version you have installed:

Tip – Check to ensure that SQL Server Browser Service is started prior to beginning your install.


Locate this in Services > SQL Server Browse - Select Start if it is not already started

Workstation update installation

If the AutoBid Mechanical software is installed on a network the updated software must be installed on each workstation after the network service update installation is complete. Until each workstation is updated access to the AutoBid Mechanical software is not allowed.


     Microsoft® SQL Server® Express


The AutoBid Mechanical application requires Microsoft SQL Server to manage your data. The installation routine will attempt to locate the Microsoft SQL Server application on your computer. If the necessary application is not found, the installation will automatically launch the Microsoft SQL Server Express installation. If a version of Microsoft SQL Server is found, but a Trimble named Instance is not, AutoBid will install a Trimble Instance for you during the install process utilizing your Microsoft SQL Software. 


Please be patient as this process will take some time to complete. Do not discontinue this installation.


Microsoft SQL Server Express should be able to accommodate most databases. If you keep a very large number of projects and your database exceeds the maximum size allowed by Microsoft SQL Express, you will need to upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server. Please contact Trimble MEP Client Services if you believe that you need to upgrade.


Tip – Microsoft SQL Server is only supported with 64-bit operating systems


NOTE: If purchasing an upgrade to SQL Server Standard Edition from Trimble, it will not upgrade SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2014.



Product Assistance

Trimble offers several ways to obtain help using the AutoBid Mechanical software.

Accessing Help

The online help is easy to use and is accessible through any of the following methods:

  • Press F1 at any time while using the software to display help for the current screen or dialog.

  • Select Help and then select the appropriate option from the menu. You can scan the Table of Contents, use the Index, or the Search function to find the information you are looking for.

  • Use the Index tab to locate key words throughout the help system.

  • Use the Search tab to find specific words used in the help system; for example, you might search for the word delete for instructions on deleting certain data from your system.

Trimble MEP Client Services

You can send a message directly to MEP Client Services by going to Help / Send message to Technical Support. This feature allows you to describe your issue, as well as attaching a screenshot.

  • Before calling Client Services, we suggest that you consult the online help.  Many of the common procedures and questions are covered in this system.

  • Trimble MEP Client Services is available during regular business hours Monday through Friday. We are not available on major holidays.

Toll-free Telephone


Internet e-mail

[email protected]



Legal Notices

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Release notice

This is the December 2019 release (Revision A) of the Release Notes. It applies to version 2019v1 and 2019v2 of the AutoBid Mechanical software.