November, 2012

The AutoBid SheetMetal system enhancements offer customers the following new features and enhancements:

On-Screen View TakeOff

This release of AutoBid SheetMetal includes enhancements/modifications to TakeOff. For more detailed information on these features, refer to the online help system.

Named Views

This release of AutoBid SheetMetal includes a new feature that allows you to save a TakeOff view

named views

This feature may prove especially helpful if you have a drawing with notes. You can zoom in on the notes and save the view. As you are taking off your drawing and come across a note, you can quickly switch over to the "notes view", read the notes, and quickly go back to the previous view to continue your take off.

You can also add the menu shortcuts to your Smart Menu™ by GTCO and your MouseMenu. This will make it even more convenient to move between views while working in TakeOff.

Rotate with Copy/Move

When processing copy or move functions, AutoBid SheetMetal, Release 2012 v2, allows you to rotate your items at 45º or 90º.

copy/move options

When you make your Copy/Move selection, you can specify the following in the Options pane:

  • Keep the same orientation
  • Mirror (X or Y axis)
  • Rotate (45º or 90º - clockwise or counter-clockwise)

Box-in  with Options / Set Floor


You can now use the Box-in with Options command to set a Floor. You must select the Change Settings option button to activate this setting.

box in options

This allows you to box-in a specific area on your drawing and then set a floor for the selected area.

Show Current Line

In this release of AutoBid SheetMetal, when you click on a specific audit trail line, the corresponding item in your takeoff drawing is also selected/highlighted. The line color is defined under OSV Tools > On-Screen View Customizations.

Autobid Sheetmetal Show Current Line

show current lines

Elevation Settings

In this release of AutoBid® SheetMetal, you can select from elevation setting lists in the Next Item Settings dialog.

autobid sheetmetal elevation settings

On-Screen View/Audit Trail View TakeOff

The following enhancements are now available in both On-Screen View and Audit Trail View TakeOff.

Floating Assembly/Symbol Windows

This release of AutoBid SheetMetal includes the ability to have assembly and symbol windows open and "floating" in the On-Screen View and Audit Trail View TakeOff windows.

On-Screen View TakeOff

autobid sheetmetal on screen view

Audit Trail View TakeOff


Audit Trail View TakeOff


This feature saves you time when working in TakeOff. You can simply drag the item from the floating window to your drawing or Audit Trail.

  • You can have more than one floating window open at any given time.
  • The windows contain only those assemblies/symbols in the current project.
  • The symbol list includes symbols and their descriptions.

takeoff audit trail


The Assembly list includes the name.


Filtering in both lists is available.

Note: Items without a dimension will be automatically added to your TakeOff. If a dimension is required, the Item window opens allowing you to enter the appropriate information before you continue.

Item MouseMenu

AutoBid SheetMetal offers a command that allows you to quickly switch from one active item MouseMenu to another during a TakeOff session.

On-Screen View TakeOff

on screen view takeoff.

Audit Trail View TakeOff

Audit Trail View TakeOff


When you close and reopen TakeOff, the default MouseMenu is available (or displays).

Audit Trail View TakeOff

New Toolbar

A new toolbar is now available in the "Power User" layout in Audit Trail View TakeOff.

new toolbar

This toolbar provides easy access to Drawing/Scope filtering, Find/Search and Replace commands, MouseMenu options, and switching between the TakeOff views.


Trimble® Design Link (no longer supported)

This release of the AutoBid® SheetMetal software includes an enhanced Trimble Design Link import. Features of the enhanced import procedure includes:

  • Import of duct and fittings, including scopes and user-defined fields
  • Mapping of systems, insulation/liner, single/doublewall, pressure classes, material, equipment, and Trimble Design Link blocks
  • More accurate handling of hangers and connector calculations
  • Purchased items import as expected

Note: Items will import into the AutoBid SheetMetal software as connected, non-adjusting Audit Trail TakeOff. All items will import in run order based on how they were entered in the Trimble Design Link drawing. All duct lengths in the Audit Trail will match the lengths entered in the CAD software.

The Trimble Design Link import command is in the Bid Administrator under File > Import from Trimble® Design Link. Refer to the Trimble® Design Link online help system for more information on exporting your drawing information.


Full Backup

An additional option to encrypt your backups is now available in the full backup dialog. This provides better security in your backup files.

full database backup

You must have proper security rights to access these options.

Note: This option is available only in the full backup procedure. It is not available for scheduled backups.