August, 2013

All TakeOff Methods

The enhancements/modifications included in this section affect the On-Screen View,  Graphical View, and Audit Trail View TakeOff methods.

Shape Conversion

The 2013 v1 release of the AutoBid SheetMetal software allows you to convert  specific duct to a different shape.

These include:

  • Oval to round
  • Round to oval
  • Round to rectangular
  • Rectangular to oval
  • Oval to rectangular

Note – This is an advanced feature in the AutoBid SheetMetal software. Please refer  to the online help system for detailed information before using this functionality.

Adhesive & Sealer Library Items

The Adhesives & Sealers category is now available when taking off from the Library  Items tree.

adhesive and sealer library


On-Screen View TakeOff

Multiple Selection "Box-in" and "Copy/Move"

Release 2013 v1 allows multiple selection sets while using the box-in selection set  options (Box in with options and Copy/Move).

  • The multiple selections can be anywhere within the drawing.
  • The number of box-in selections is not limited within the drawing.

When you execute the Box in with options or Copy/Move commands, hold the  keyboard [Ctrl] key down while selecting areas. Release the [Ctrl] key to cancel the  multiple selection process. Click anywhere in the drawing or click the toolbar button  again. The box-in selection window opens. You can then complete the intended  procedure.

Copy Selection to Clipboard

The AutoBid SheetMetal software now allows you to copy a portion of your drawing  to the clipboard, making it available for copying to another drawing within the same  project.

copy to clipboard


When the selection is copied to the clipboard, you can then go to another drawing  and use the shortcut [Ctrl]+[I] to paste the selection in the desired location. You can  also go to the OSV Tools menu and click Insert/Paste from OSV Clipboard.

Note – Copying to the clipboard is also available when using the multiple selection  procedure.

Drag Line Length Display

You can now choose to display the length of the drag line in On-Screen View TakeOff.  This allows you to see the length of a duct in the status bar when placing duct  between points.

drag line length display


drag line length display

The setting for displaying the drag line length is under OSV Tools / On-Screen View  Customizations / General tab.

On screen view customizations


Not to Scale Drawings

From time-to-time, you may need to take off a not to scale drawing (typically  Isometric drawings). This release of the AutoBid SheetMetal software allows you to  "turn-off" automatic calculation of lengths. This allows you to define the length  manually.

When you clear the Auto calc lengths checkbox on the On-Screen View TakeOff  toolbar, and then take off a run of duct, you can enter the length in the Enter Length  dialog box.

autocount lengths


auto calculation length


TouchMenu/Smart Menu

The status bar in the On-Screen View TakeOff window now displays the current  TouchMenu or Smart Menu in use. This allows you to quickly view menu assignment  while in TakeOff.

touch menu



Font Size Controls

The AutoBid SheetMetal 2013 v1 software update includes options to control the  font size for assemblies and symbols in On-Screen View TakeOff. These settings are  available under OSV Tools / On-Screen View Customizations / Settings tab.

font size controls



New Keyboard Shortcuts

  • "Box in" with Options -  You can now activate the "Box in" with Options command by pressing [Shitt]+[F5]  on your keyboard. This command can also be added to your Smart menu™ by  GTCO. The toolbar command remains available.
  • Resize to Fit -  When using the Zoom to Rectangle option, you can now use the shortcut  [Ctrl]+[Shift]+Left Mouse Click to resize a drawing to fit the screen. The toolbar  command continues to be available.
  • Pan Mode -  To activate the pan a drawing feature, you can now press [F4] on your keyboard.  The displays on screen, allowing you to pan your drawing. The toolbar  command continues to be available.

Audit Trail Columns

When you change the size of columns in the On-Screen View TakeOff Audit Trail grid,  your column settings are now retained until you change them. You can reset back to  the AutoBid SheetMetal default by right-clicking within the Audit Trail and then  clicking Reset Audit Trail columns from the pop-up menu.

audit trail columns




Variable Dimension Types

You can now define a Variable Dimension type when creating or modifying  assemblies. The types include:

  • Count
  • Feet / Meters
  • Inches / Millimeters
  • Legacy

Note – The Legacy type processes the assemblies as in previous releases.

autobid sheetmetal assemblies

When you select a Variable Dimension type, the assembly is processed based on the  specific selection. During calculations, if the dimension type does not match the  takeoff, it will be converted and processed according to your project setup.

Bid Administrator


The Scope name field now allows you to enter up to 32 characters.  Note – The alternate field allows 27 characters due to column width limitations in  Microsoft® Excel®.

Global Data Administrator

Round/Oval Duct Pricing

 Material / Adjust by Percentage -  A new command is available that allows you to adjust prices by a percentage  for a specific material. For example, you can adjust Galvanized prices by  selecting Edit / Material Price Adjustment. You can enter an increase or  decrease in price.

round duct prices


round duct prices autobid sheetmetal

Note – When you adjust material prices by a percentage, it affects ONLY the  selected material. All pricing for items within that material category will be  increased/decreased accordingly.

Purchased Duct - By Weight/Length -  You now have the ability to define if pricing for specific duct is applied by  weight or length.

puchased duct by weight / length


Note – This setting does not change the values entered. It affects only how the  items are listed in reports.

Fitting Customizations

The Duct and Fitting Definitions module (under Ductwork) now includes the ability  to define user defaults for standard and non-standard fittings. Additional options are  available in the left pane of the Ductwork - Duct and Fitting Definitions window.

fitting cutomizations autobid sheetmetal


This feature also allows you to create "named sets" for your customized fittings. You  can create a named set, select that set, and then make modifications to the fitting.  Your modifications are assigned to the named set selected.

named sets


The appropriate Duct and Fitting Definition set is selected as your default when a  new project is created. All modifications created in that named set are applied to the  new project.

project wizard autobid sheetmetal


Note – Any changes you make to the defaults will not affect items in existing  takeoffs; however, keep in mind that if you rerun calculations, results may be  affected.

Export File Extensions

This release of the AutoBid SheetMetal software allows you to define the extension  for the resulting file when creating exports from your database (projects backup  exports and performing an export for import into another application). Changing the  default file extension (qpa) to one of your choice may eliminate conflicts with other  software applications that use the same three letter extension.

Note – Trimble recommends that whenever possible, you should use the default  extension. This does not affect system backups (which continue to use the default qpb  extension).

The file extension setting is defined in the Company Setting window.

file extension defined