March, 2015

The following enhancements have been added to the AutoBid SheetMetal software in Release 2015 v1:

All TakeOff Methods

Hot Spot Conversion
This release of the AutoBid SheetMetal software offers an option to convert hot spots to a specific library item, symbol, or assembly. You can convert all hot spots to the same item or convert hot spots selection-by-selection to what you want.

convert hotspots configuration

The following limitations apply to this functionality:

  • Counted assemblies without any variable dimensions are available for this conversion.
  • Library items that do not have a shape can be used for conversion with this method. Sizes will be available for selection.

This feature helps you ensure that the proper item, symbol, or assembly is added to your TakeOff, improving accuracy.

Symbols on Menus
You now have the ability to add a specific symbol to a cell on the Smart Menu, TouchMenu, or MouseMenu (rather than just the ID). This makes it easier to identify the symbol when using a menu.

Drawing Scales

When you create a custom drawing scale in your project:

  • This scale is now in the list of scales available in TakeOff.
  • The custom scale is added to the default drawing scales in the AutoBid SheetMetal software.

You can now add a custom scale and sort the available scales by going to Tools / Sort Drawing Scales. When you sort the list, the order changes based on your sort in the Scale list.

default scale list

change default scale

On-Screen View TakeOff

Vertical TakeOff

MouseMenu Display - The AutoBid SheetMetal software now allows you to display the MouseMenu while in the Vertical TakeOff window.

vertical takeoff mouse menu

This feature allows you to select items directly from the MouseMenu instead of drilling down through the Items dialogs.

Branch From Command - The Branch From command now recognizes when you are working with a vertical run. When you click the Branch From command and then click on a vertical run, the AutoBid SheetMetal software asks if you want to branch from the top or bottom of the fitting.

NoteBecause of this enhancement, the Branch from Vertical command is no longer required. It has been removed from the On-Screen View Commands.

On-Screen View Customization Enhancements

autobid sheetmetal on-screen view customizations

Load Drawing with Inverted Colors - This setting will load all drawings by default with the colors inverted. This setting might prove valuable if you regularly receive drawings with a dark background. Note: This setting is  retained from TakeOff session-to-session.

Mouse Functionality - This release of the AutoBid SheetMetal software includes the ability to set mouse behavior. These include:
– [Ctrl]+left mouse click
You can set your mouse to execute the Box in with Options, Start/Stop Magnify mode (the default setting), or Zoom to rectangle.

- Dimension Dialog - This setting allows you to define the command displaying on the middle button in the Dimension dialog. The options include Add/Drop rise, Branch From, Branch From with Elbow, Change size in current run (the default setting), or Start new run with item.

autobid sheetmetal dimensions dialog

Customize Command Menu
You can now define the items that show up on the pop-up menu (when you right-click on your mouse). Simply select the checkboxes next to the items you want to display. Clear the checkbox for those items you wish to remove.

Show Messages
From time-to-time, the AutoBid SheetMetal software may display messages with a notation to not show the message again. If you have chosen to hide certain messages, you can click Show “No Show” dialogs to display these messages. Keep in mind that clicking this button displays all previously hidden messages once again.

Hanger Toggle / MouseMenu
This release of AutoBid SheetMetal allows you to add the Hanger toggle (On/Off/Rack) command to the Item MouseMenu. The hanger toggle on the MouseMenu provides easy access to turning hangers on and off while in On-Screen View TakeOff. Note: While this option is also available in Audit Trail View TakeOff, it will be most beneficial in On-Screen View TakeOff, as it allows you to turn hangers on and off while processing your take off.

TipYou can add this command to any desired tab on the Item MouseMenu.

Batch Printing
You now have the ability to print more than one drawing at a time in those projects with multiple drawings.

autobid sheetmetal print on-screen view options

In On-Screen View TakeOff, go to File / Print and then click the Print Drawings tab. You can then select the checkboxes next to the drawings you want to print.

On-Screen View/Graphical View TakeOff
The Add Drop/Rise functionality has been enhanced to allow you to specify an end item, instead of generating a hot spot. This allows you to enter an Add Drop/Rise faster and more accurately.

Bid Administrator

Project List
The project list now offers the ability to view projects in a tree. This feature provides better organization of your projects, making it easier to find projects in larger lists.

project list in bid administrator

This feature allows you to:

  • Group related projects together using folders
  • Create projects under specific folders
  • Move existing projects into desired folder
  • View basic project information, including “lock” status
  • Date the project was last accessed (for archive purposes)

TipIf desired, you can continue to use the Project List grid view, go to View / Switch to Table View. When you select this view, it becomes the default in your software.

Generic Import
A command is now available under the File menu that allows you to import data from non-Trimble CAD and fabrication programs.

NoteIt is your responsibility to obtain proper layouts from the appropriate software vendors. This feature simply allows you to import data from other software applications into the AutoBid SheetMetal program.

Export to Trimble® WinEst™ Software
This release of AutoBid SheetMetal includes an export command to the Trimble WinEst software.

export to winest software

This allows you to export the Items, Descriptions, Quantity, Labor Productivity and Labor Rate, Material Unit Price, Floor, Zone and SysSymbol from the Reports module for import into the Trimble WinEst software (CSV format).

Global Data Administrator

This release of AutoBid SheetMetal includes enhanced functionality to search/find items in the Libraries.

global data administrator library

Plenum definitions now allow you to create a plenum definition with outer and inner metal, and/or filler insulation. This enhancement provides for easier adjustments in flat sheet metal pricing.

NoteDue to this modification, Rapid Reports will include only those with separate metal, thickness, filler, and so on. Data reported in the Recaps may be limited also.

AutoBid SheetMetal Utilities

TouchMenu/Smart Menu Cleanup
In an effort to provide an easy method to ensure you have the most up-to-date menus for the AutoBid SheetMetal application, a new command is now available in the Utilities module.