June, 2017

New Features, Enhancements, and Modifications

New User Interface

This release introduces a new user interface (UI), which provides better navigation through the application.  This includes;

  • Combining the Bid Administrator and Global Data Administrator into one simple navigation panel.  This allows you to access your Bid-specific information and your Global Data information from the same location.  It also looks and behaves more similar to Trimble® AutoBid® Mechanical.
  • Forward and Backward Navigation controls, formerly in Global Data, is now located with the the new Navigation Panel

Introducing “Speed” Buttons!

Speed Buttons, located at the bottom of the Navigation Screen, are shortcut icons to frequently accessed modules. 

Tip- Speed Buttons can be added or removed on the Navigation Screen by clicking on Tools and selecting Customize Speed Buttons.  Or, you can right click any speed button and select Customize Speed Buttons from the fly out menu.

Add Assemblies to Symbols

Within the Symbol Schedule of your project, while setting up the Symbol Details there is an option to have it contain an assembly.

Assembly Enhancements

Several new Assembly features including:

  • Enhanced If Statements to handle more than just ranges.  These include:
    • Equal to
    • Greater than
    • Greater than or equal to
    • If it is Yes
    • If it is No
    • Less than or equal to
    • NOT equal to
  • Assembly Box-In Connectivity.  This release adds enhanced “connectivity” to assemblies created in OSV using the “Box-In” feature to create the assembly.  This results in more accurate calculations.  This feature only applies to assemblies created in this version or later.
  • Prompts for additional variables.  A new Variables tab has been added to the Assembly Screen.  This tab allows the user to create variables and prompts that display when taking off an assembly.  Variables were previously located on the General Tab.
  • You can set up your variable using TakeOff Methods:
    • TakeOff as an Assembly Dimension. Selecting this option will prompt a dimension to be entered during Takeoff.  You can also enter a Dimension Hint, if desired.  This will display on-screen when you take off the assembly.
    • Prompt when the assembly is Taken Off.  When you select this option button, you must enter text in the Prompt when taken off field.  The text you enter in this field displays in an on-screen prompt when you take off the assembly.

Enhanced TakeOff Module

Enhanced TakeOff Module includes several valuable features, such as:

  • The ability to modify the Item Mouse Menu by customizing cells for specific system, specification names, and set elevation list.
  • The Audit Trail Grid can now be undocked to float giving the option to relocate it to a different monitor.

Tip- Access this feature under the view menu UnDock Audit Trail

Backup/Restore Enhancements

Scheduled backups, Manual backups and Restore Database are now accessed from the ABSM DataService Manager and have different options than before.

The Data Server has been enhanced to run as a service.  This will greatly improve data access, and allows for future UI updates, as well as, 64-bit compatibility

Master Data Visibility

If a user does not have access rights to Master Data, they will not see the Master navigation buttons. 

Tip- If the user access rights change, you will need to close the application and reopen to access Master Data

Other Changes

In Company Settings, if the New Bids default is to use Rapid Reports, we now hide the Company setting topics for Subcontractor Summary, as well as, General and Administration Manager.

Dashboard to view a list of used license seats and license seats that have been checked out has been relocated to AutoBid SheetMetal Utilities.