September, 2018

AutoBid SheetMetal 2018v2


This document provides basic information about new features and modifications in release 2018v2 of the Trimble® AutoBid® SheetMetal software. More detailed information can be found in the Help.  


These Release Notes describe features and modifications that are new in version 2018v2 of the AutoBid SheetMetal software.

Installation procedure

For step-by-step instructions for a new installation of this release, refer to the Trimble AutoBid SheetMetal Installation Guide.

Upgrade procedure

For requirements to install this update, see the updated installation instructions section of the release notes. Trimble recommends that you print these instructions to help ensure correct operation of the software application after itallation.


Operating Systems

This version of AutoBid SheetMetal is compatible with the following Microsoft® operating systems:

  • Windows® 10 Professional

  • Windows 7 Professional, 32-bit and 64-bit

NOTE – We do not support Windows 7 Home Edition, Windows 8.x or Windows 10 S.

For a complete listing of system requirements and technical specifications, view our System Specifications. To run AutoBid SheetMetal on 4K monitors, please follow the instructions in this support note.


Trimble Quick Link

The AutoBid SheetMetal software includes an interface with Trimble Quick Link licensing and communication system. You must install the updated Quick  Link software to ensure that you have the latest functionality.     

New Features, Enhancements, and Modifications

New version notification

You are now notified when a new software version is available. The alert notifies you of which version you are using and which is the latest available version. There is also a link to the customer letter where you can access the release notes and the latest installation files.

Copy Structure and Item Elevations

When creating a new project, you can now copy Structure and Item Elevations from your default job or from a previous project.

End with an item on multi-branch pairs

When performing a multi-branch pairs takeoff, you can now end takeoff with an item.

Ability to branch with 45° elbow in OSV

The Commands toolbar now includes the option to start a branch with a 45° elbow.

Additional fields added to Takeoff Audit trail

Item Elevation and Structure Elevation fields are now available as optional audit trail columns.    

These columns can be enabled in Tools / Options / AuditTrail Columns [All views].

Running count before end run (OSV and Count Mode)

The task bar now displays the running total count of takeoff items before you end your run.    

Perform Character Search for Projects

In the Project grid view, there is now the ability to perform a character search in the project name.

Optimize loading takeoff

Performance improvements have been made to loading takeoff, specifically for those who are not using a digitizer or smart menu.

Multi-move projects in project list folder view

New functionality enables you to select multiple projects within the project list folder view, and move those projects between folders using a very simple drag and drop.

Notes in project list

A note section is now available by project in the project list folder view:

Additional variable dimension types

Assemblies can now include three new dimension types:

  • Area

  • Volume

  • Liquid (gallons, liters)

Essential Release Information

Windows operating system updates

To successfully install this AutoBid SheetMetal software update, your system must be up-to-date with all Windows updates. If a restart of the operating system is necessary after Windows updates have been installed, you must do this before starting the AutoBid SheetMetal installation procedures outlined in this document.

Trimble Quick Link software

The AutoBid SheetMetal software requires Trimble Quick Link licensing and communication software. This software is included on the AutoBid SheetMetal Installation media.

This installation may require a restart of your computer. Trimble recommends that you do this during a non-busy time or after hours to minimize disruptions in your company’s workflow.

Compatible versions for this update

Release 2018v2 of the AutoBid SheetMetal software can be updated from the following versions:

  • AutoBid SheetMetal 2018 v1

  • AutoBid SheetMetal 2017 v1

  • AutoBid SheetMetal 2015 v1

  • AutoBid SheetMetal 2013 v2

  • AutoBid SheetMetal 2012 v2

The upgrade will fail if you are running an AutoBid SheetMetal version that is older than 2012 v2.



Product Assistance

Trimble offers several ways to obtain help using the AutoBid SheetMetal software.

Accessing the Help

The online help is easy to use and is accessible through any of the following methods:

  • Press F1 at any time while using the software to display help for the current screen or dialog.

  • Select Help and then select the appropriate option from the menu. You can scan the Table of Contents, use the Index, or the Search function to find the information you are looking for.

  • Use the Index tab to locate key words throughout the help system.

  • Use the Search tab to find specific words used in the help system; for example, you might search for the word delete for instructions on deleting certain data from your system.


Update Videos

The What’s New Video Tutorials command on the Help menu allows you to view a demonstration of the modifications and enhancements included in this release of AutoBid SheetMetal. You have the option of installing the videos directly to your hard drive or viewing them from the AutoBid SheetMetal Installation DVD.

Video Libraries

The Video Library command on the Help menu provides you with demonstrations of many of the features in AutoBid SheetMetal.  You can view these as a refresher to training classes you have attended. You can also use them to become more familiar with the application prior to attending Training.  

Trimble MEP Client Services

You can send a message directly to MEP Client Services by going to Help / Send message to Technical Support. This feature allows you to describe your issue, as well as attaching a screenshot.

  • Before calling Client Services, we suggest that you consult the online help.  Many of the common procedures and questions are covered in this system.

  • Trimble MEP Client Services is available during regular business hours Monday through Friday. We are not available on major holidays.

Toll-free Telephone


Internet e-mail



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Release notice

This is the August 2018 release (Revision A) of the Release Notes. It applies to version 2018v2 of the AutoBid SheetMetal software.