September, 2013


  • Centralized Document Header Control This ensures uniformity in look and feel for everything you send out from the software.
  • Project Level Document Header Override This feature is available for when you are not the majority stakeholder in a project.
  • Document History You can see who and when document changes were done in the history.
  • Document "Children" Entire threads of conversations are now available so you can see the complete trail of discussions with all involved in a project.
  • PDF Documents All documents are converted to a PDF (portable document format) when sent from the ConstructJob application. A PDF disallows changes in the documents (in a standard industry format).
  • Communications This version allows you to keep track of phone conversations and other more casual discussions that take place throughout the job.
  • Archive Job Documents At any time you can generate a collection of all of the documents of a particular type in a zip file format. The documents are converted to a PDF for storage or use elsewhere.

About the Software


The Trimble® ConstuctJob software is a cloud-based project management solution tailored for the MEP contractor needs.