October, 2012
This release of the DuctDesigner 3D software is compatible only with the following Autodesk 2013 product series:
  • AutoCAD® 2013
  • AutoCAD® Architecture 2013
  • AutoCAD® MEP 2013

It will not work with previous versions of these applications.

Operating Systems
Refer to the System Specifications document on our website at www.quickpen.com for detailed information on supported operating systems. This document is located under Products > CAD Software > DuctDesigner 3D > System Specifications.
Trimble® MEP Integration
With the Trimble MEP layout solution, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors can increase productivity and simplify the layout of sleeves and hangers.
Trimble® Field Link for MEP
The Trimble Field Link for MEP solution allows you to easily manage layout tasks by employing a task-based workflow featuring advanced layout, reporting, and model viewer functionalities.
For download customers, you must have the most recent version of Vulcan to gain full advantage of the enhancements included in this version of DuctDesigner 3D.
Field Points
The following enhancements have been made to Field Point functionality in this release of the DuctDesigner 3D software.
Trimble Field Link for MEP
This release of the DuctDesigner 3D software includes an export to Trimble Field Link for MEP allows you to easily manage layout tasks. It employs task-based workflow, featuring advanced Layout, Reporting, and Model Viewer functionalities. Trimble Field Link for MEP provides access to the latest tools for increasing productivity and accuracy during the construction layout process.
Go to DD3D™ Tools > Field Points to access this functionality.
Trimble MEP Export
Trimble MEP Export Window
Custom Points
The Custom Points module has been enhanced to include a window that allows you to set specific options.
Custom Point Module
Options include defining point numbers, annotations, attributes, and so on.
Hanger Points
The following enhancements have been added to the DuctDesigner 3D software in this release:
Vertical Runs
Release 2013 v2 includes functionality that allows you to insert hanger points into vertical runs. This is a Command Line option when you are placing Hanger Points.
Vertical run hanger points
Hanger Blocks
You can now insert hanger blocks into Hanger Point Positions. Go to Field Points > Insert Hanger Blocks.
Hanger Blocks
This feature allows you to add hanger blocks to specific hanger points in your drawing. These blocks are included in your field point export. Note: The DuctDesigner 3D block library includes several default hanger blocks that you can insert into your drawing. You can also easily create new hanger blocks that will also be available for selection in the Hanger Block Insertion window.
Field Point Properties
The Field Point Properties window now displays the exported state, the date exported, and the name of the export file.
Field Point Properties
Field Point Annotations
All Field Points (Hanger, Objects, and Custom) now include annotations. When applied, these display within the points.
Field Point Annotations
Point Numbering/Renumbering
You now have the ability to number points and define prefixes/suffixes for the points as you place them. The graphic below illustrates this option in the Insert Custom Points dialog. Other insert point dialogs have similar numbering options.
Point Numbering
Insert Custom Points
Renumber Points
Renumbering Field Points
Renumber Points
After you have set the renumbering parameters, you can then click the points you want to renumber/modify in your drawing. As you click each point, it will be renumbered incrementally based on your input in the Point Number field. Additionally, any prefix/suffix will be updated according to what you input in these fields. Note: If the update checkboxes are not selected, no action is taken.
Export Features
Tekla® BIMSight/ Tekla®  Structures Export
This release includes exports to Tekla BIMSight and Tekla Structures. This command is located under DD3D™ Tools > Tools.
Tekla bimsight export
  • The Tekla® Structures export can be used to share your model with other Building Information Modeling applications without the need for using a viewer. This export format includes all PipeDesigner 3D properties in the export.
  • The Tekla® BIMSight export creates an export file that can be imported into the Tekla® BIMSight software. This software application allows you to combine, view, and check building information.

Trimble® Field Fitting Input Verification

The DuctDesigner 3D, release 2013 v2 software includes an option that allows you to flag specific fittings for the Trimble Field Fitting software application. These flags are exported to the Vulcan software.

This command is located under DD3D™ Entities > Flags > Field Verify. When you execute this command, you can select the objects in your drawing you want the flag applied to.


For more information on Trimble Field Fitting Input, contact your Trimble sales representative at 1-800-441-2840.

Note: Although the verify command is included in this release of the DuctDesigner 3D software, the Vulcan software functionality will be available in the next release of that software (Vulcan 2013 v2). Look for an update to your Vulcan software release before the end of this year.

Default Angle
The DuctDesigner 3D software allows you to specify an angle (other than 90º) for each type of elbow in fitting defaults (DuctDesigner 3D Data Editor > Standards > Duct and Fitting Standards – Rect.
The angle can be defaulted for the following rectangular elbows in the data editor:
  • Radius Throat/Radius Heel Rectangular Elbow
  • Radius Throat/Square Heel Rectangular Elbow
  • Square Throat/Angle Heel Rectangular Elbow
  • Square Throat/Radius Heel Rectangular Elbow
  • Square Throat/Square Heel Rectangular Elbow

Note: When you select the fitting from the DD3D™ Palette, the default angle can be changed on the Properties tab.

Access Door
A new rectangular access door fitting is now available for selection on the DD3D™ Dashboard.
DD3D Dashboard
Renumber Drawing
You can now renumber specific in a run by selecting the starting and ending entity. For example, you may want to select only the duct in the main run for renumbering, but not include branches. This path to this command is DD3D™ Entities > Attributes > Entities.
Renumber drawing
Renumbering Entities
Fitting/Note Association
Release 2013 v2 allows you to associate notes with each fitting. This note can also be annotated and exported to Vulcan. This feature is available under DD3D™ Entities > Notes.
Download Information
This release of the DuctDesigner 3D software provides valuable information pertaining to downloads performed. This information includes the download file name and date.
This data is available two different ways:
Fitting Properties
When you click on a fitting, you can go to the Properties tab in the DD3D™ Dashboard to view download information.
Fitting Properties
You can view this information in the reporting module. The reporting module allows you to view the download information for multiple fittings.
Dashboard Sorting Options
You can now rearrange the layout of the DD3D™ Dashboard. This allows for easier selection of your more commonly used fittings.
Dashboard sorting options
This feature is available on the DD3D™ Tools under Utilities > Miscellaneous > Sort Dashboard Fittings.
Annotations are now included in the client export.