November, 2013

Match Buttons

This release of the DuctDesigner 3D software includes functionality allowing you to match settings to a selected item. You can use this feature when attaching fittings or placing branches to ensure the appropriate system, pressure, and/or wall is used. The match buttons are located on the DD3D™ Dashboard next to each associated field.

Match Buttons

When you click on a match button, you are prompted at the Command Line to  specify the object. You can click on the item in the drawing and all settings change based on your selection.

This feature will help eliminate placing items with incorrect settings.

Field Points

  • Custom Points - You can now insert Custom Points in a any view. This modification makes it easier to insert points at Sleeve openings in walls and for other similar situations. The points are oriented in plan view.
  • Field Point Tool Tip Options -  You can now select tool tip options for field points under Options / DuctDesigner 3D General.

Field Points Tool Tip Options

Tool Tips are activated by selecting the checkbox next to the items you want  included. When Tool Tips are selected, simply hover your mouse over the field point to view the information.

CSV Export

CSV Export

 This export allows you to create an export file that can be imported into  various field points software programs. Note: While you can you use this export option to create a file that can be imported into Trimble® MEP and Trimble® Field Link for MEP, this file does not include data specific to these field points programs. If you are going to import data into a Trimble program, we recommend you use the Trimble® MEP or Trimble® Field Link for MEP export procedures. These processes export and import data specific to the Trimble field points programs.

Access Doors

Round and Oval access doors have been added to fittings. You can now select the access door from the fitting list and place it in your drawing.

Access Doors  Access Doors

 Note – Access Doors now have a specific Automatic Layer setting in the DuctDesigner 3D Data Editor. This allows for easier system identification.


 New Annotations



New annotation options have been added to DuctDesigner 3D in release 2014 v2. These include:

  • Insulation Elevation (bottom and top of insulation)
  • Access Doors

Import Annotation Settings

This release of DuctDesigner 3D includes functionality that allows you to import annotation settings from another drawing. This command is located on DD3D™ Entities / Annotations panel. When you click on the panel and then Import, you can select the drawing with the settings you want to import into your current drawing.


Plus and Move Grips Dimensions

When using the Plus and Move Grips on Hanger Points, you can now specify a point or location dynamically.



To use this feature, the AutoCAD Dynamic Input option must be active.

  • New Hanger Type: EZ Hanger™ -This setting places hanger points based on how you define the type. Options are:
    • A hanger point on every connector in a run
    • Every other connection in a run
  • New Hanger Point Rule - This rule works in conjunction with the new EZ Hanger type.
  • New Hanger Blocks - Additional hanger blocks are now available that work with the EZ Hanger type.

Additional CAD Modifications

  • Fill: Offset Fittings - This release of the DuctDesigner 3D software provides more consistent fill between duct and fittings. When you select a transition or offset for placement, a duct fill command displays at the Command Line, allowing you to select the duct fill settings immediately.
  • Round Boot Taps - You can now connect round boot taps to rectangular duct.
  • IFC Export - The IFC Export procedure has been modified to work more efficiently with NavisWorks®, allowing for better 3D oval duct appearance. If you will be opening the export file in NavisWorks, Trimble recommends that you use this export procedure exclusively.
  • DuctDesigner 3D Objects - When in the AutoCAD MEP Object Viewer, zooming out now works as expected on DuctDesigner 3D objects.

DuctDesigner 3D Data Editor

Round/Oval Elbows

You can now set a default angle for a round or oval elbow in the DuctDesigner 3D Data Editor under Standards / Duct and Fitting Standards and Round/Duct and Fitting Standards - Oval. The graphic below illustrates a Duct and Fitting Standards - Round window. The window for oval is similar.

Round / Oval Elbows

 This feature allows you to define default angles used most often used by your company, which will make placement in your drawing faster. If necessary, you can change this setting when placing the elbow in the drawing.