September, 2016

Trimble is pleased to offer Release 2016 v2 of the Trimble® FabShop software. This document provides enhancement/modification information pertaining to this release.

Update Information

  • Mount the ISO Image as outlined in the Trimble® FabShop ISO Download email. If you cannot locate the email, please contact MEP Client Services at 1‐800‐440‐2080.
  • The Update Installation Instructions document is available under the Documentation link on the main installation screen. Trimble recommends that you print, review, and follow the instructions to ensure that the software program runs properly after installation.
  • Trimble also highly recommends that you review the ReadMe document, which is also available under the Documentation link on the main installation screen. This document contains additional helpful information pertaining to this release.
  • The Trimble® FabShop 2016 v2 software includes many instructional videos. These are available on under the Video Training link on the main installation screen, as well as installed on your Windows Desktop. Trimble recommends that you refer to these videos as they outline many of the features and procedures on using the software.



We are excited to announce that the Vulcan program is rebranded and is now officially Trimble® FabShop.

Trimble® FabShop Mobile

Trimble® FabShop Mobile is a free Android or iOS app that allows entry of fittings on a mobile device. Input is quick and easy; the user simply picks the fitting and enters the dimensions. When importing the fittings into the Trimbe® FabShop program, fitting defaults and pressure specifications are applied.

Submit a Support Ticket

Trimble® FabShop applications now have the ability to submit a support ticket from either the Help or Support menu.

Trimble® MEP add‐in for Autodesk Fabrication CADmep™

Support for Autodesk Fabrication CADmep™ is now available for download. Please click the following link for more information.

Mestek Controller

Added support for the new Mestek Laser‐Max 1.5.

Bentley i‐model Technology

This release of the Trimble® FabShop software includes the ability to export and import fittings using the Bentley i‐ model technology.

Tip ‐ The Bentley i‐model provides a way to share BIM model, allowing others access to the models.

Refer to the Trimble®i‐modelExportConversion document included with this Trimble® FabShop software release for detailed instructions on this feature. In the Trimble® i‐model Export dialog, go to Help / View Help. It is also available in the Trimble® FabShop ISO Image. Go to Explore Installation Disk and navigate to the Manuals folder.


Fitting Input

Double radius offsets allows different wrapper values.


The optimization of round reducers is improved.


The use the Enter key to tab to next field while in Parts is allowed.