April, 2019



These release notes describe the features and enhancements that are new for the current release. For additional assistance, please email MEPSupport@Trimble.com or call 1-800-234-3758.


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New Features, Enhancements, and Modifications


Trimble continues to deliver high quality, impactful, relevant features, updates, and bug fixes. In the current release we are excited to offer many new improvements to the desktop, as well as mobile, applications.


Import and Export

  • Several Trimble® SysQue® interoperability improvements

  • Taps are included in the coil line export

  • End options will default to the fitting defaults

  • Seam options will default to the fitting defaults

  • Round saddle tap is editable after import


Mobile Applications

  • Android application email upgrade

  • Import job improvements

Additional Notes

  • Installer and versioning updates

  • Sorting issue related to downloading duct to coil lines

  • Deleted jobs now removed from project material list

  • New post added for Mestek Mach 3 support

  • Kerf setting is honored when using filler parts which have kerf setting off

  • Label issues related to the following

    • “Small end on bottom” parts

    • Segmented blank size

    • Automatic breakup

  • Liner issues with certain parts have been

  • Sorting topics addressed (sort by spiral pipe diameter)

  • Round reducer segmenting issue

  • Liner pattern corrected for Fitting 245

  • Processing, Error handling, reporting, and label improvements to the following fittings

    • Fitting 160

    • Fitting 162

    • Fitting 167

    • Fitting 175

    • Fitting 308

    • Fitting 322

    • Fitting 522

    • Fitting 602

    • Fitting 608

  • Spiral pipe gauge correction

  • Liner thickness is now required before visiting sizes tab

  • Uncut duct length issue related to gasket allowance

  • Various topics and issues resolved


Legal Notices


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Release Notice


The topics within this document are subject to change without notice. Screenshots included may not be exactly as in the software application.