March, 2012

The Trimble Building Construction  division is excited to announce the  release of Trimble Field Fitting Input f or HVAC Sheet Metal Contractors and  Fabricators.

This iPad® app allows contractors in  the field to quickly collect accurate  fitting dimensional data to send from  the job site back to the fabrication shop  and into their Vulcan® CAM software.

By using the Trimble Field Fitting  Input app, field personnel can reduce or  eliminate errors resulting from  incorrect dimensions collected from  hand drawings. Additionally

contractors will be able to utilize  standard company defaults and fittings from their Vulcan® CAM software in their Trimble Field Fitting  Input app. When all fitting dimensional data is entered, users can easily send the information via email  back to the fabrication shop for import into their Vulcan® CAM software.

The Trimble Field Fitting Input app is available through the Apple iTunes & App stores and is free to  download. To import data from Trimble Field Fitting Input into Vulcan customers will require  additional licensing through Vulcan's licensing system and users must be using the current shipping  version of Vulcan. To upgrade to the current version of Vulcan call 800-441-2840 or e-mail


Trimble® Field Fitting Input Features & Benefits

Feature Benefits
Designed to be similar to our CAM software, Trimble Field Fitting Input is a simple graphical user interface designed for the Apple® iPad®. Easy to learn and use by a wide variety of personnel.
Shop Specifications Import Field personnel can easily switch between different pressure needs when managing multiple job sites.
Data is input directly in the field and transmitted via email to the shop for import into Vulcan CAM software. Time and errors are significantly reduced.
Customers are able to import different scope lists to easily define information for fittings that will be grouped and installed on the jobsite. Field Scoping provides valuable information such as Drawing, Floor & System on each CAM label. This information increases productivity in delivery and installation process.
WiFi and/or wireless connectivity Field fittings can be emailed from the field to the shop, shortening the fabrication to job site delivery.


Trimble® Field Fitting Input App Store Link

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