November, 2012


3D View Support in map views

This version of the software enables you to view the 3D model in all standard map views. These views include: Create Data, Set Up Instrument, Lay Out, Collect Data, Compute and Export.

Trimble VISION zoom controls

The Trimble VISION™ technology zoom controls are now active in this version. Field measurement and viewing is now significantly enhanced with zoom controls. You can more accurately and effectively point and measure jobsite features.

Show Laid Out Points

In the Trimble Field Link for MEP version 2.0.0 software, you have the option to determine whether or not to display points that have been laid out. With the Laid Out Points option selected, you can visually see points that have been laid out. With the Laid Out Points option deselected, you will only see points that need to be laid out and will work toward an empty map.

Remember Reference Points

Option in Settings to remember the reference points used during instrument setup. You can now store the points so that they are automatically selected at the next instrument setup. This enables you to see which reference points were used the last time the job file was opened, and select the same points when setting up anywhere on the project site.

Store Instrument Location

Option in Settings to store the instrument location after an instrument setup from reference points. You can now store the calculated instrument location. This allows for faster instrument setup when the same instrument location is being used by enabling you to measure one reference point to locate the robot on the project site.

Instrument Setup with No Data

You can now set up the instrument when no points are provided in the job file. This feature enables you to collect as‐built data, without having to manually enter reference point coordinates.

You can now create reference points in the field, store the measured points as design points, and rotate the map to the desired orientation in the as‐built project file.

New Features

Surface Analysis

This version of the software supports a module application that enables you to execute an automated data collection routine that analyzes surface flatness and produces a report showing coordinates, perimeters, and volumes. This feature is part of version 2.0.0 of the Trimble Field Link software for Structures only.

Measure Floor Plan

This feature provides an automated routine, using DR, which is designed to collect the footprint (floor plan) of a room or enclosed area without the need to manually point and shoot the instrument. Floor plan point data can be exported and used for various design and detailing purposes.