April, 2013


CAD file support

The Field Link software can now import AutoCAD® 2013 DWG files.

The performance of the selection of CAD objects has been improved in this release.

Improvements to the Point Manager

New layout delta value headers in the Point Manager

Horizontal and vertical lay out delta values have been added to the Point Manager providing access to the information that is most important. You can now sort the Point list by the ΔH or the ΔV values in addition to sorting by the Name and Description options, so you can easily find the points on which action may need to be taken.

New Points Manager sorting options

The Point Manager now enables you to sort the list by Name, Description, ΔH, or ΔV. The Point Manager list is always assorted in ascending order.

Connection to robotic total stations

Trimble Field Link now provides a faster connection to robotic total stations with the new Trimble Tablet.

Operator field now included in all reports

The Operator field that is set up in Settings within Trimble Field Link is now included on all Trimble Field Link reports.

New Features

Layout linework enhancements

Trimble Field Link now provides the ability to go beyond the defined end points for the line displaying the distance and offset relative to the line. This enables you to pick any two points along the line to define it and still continue to lay out the line beyond the selected end points.

In previous versions of Trimble Field Link, lay out linework required you to create points at an interval along the line and lay out those points. You can now navigate along the line and lay out a location anywhere along the line. You can also create an offset to the left or right of the selected line and navigate to any location along the offset line. A perpendicular line representing the offset distance is displayed in red.

Layout Linework Enhancements

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Once the location is staked, a design point will be created on the line and the offset from the line is recorded. The staked point is stored for access later in the Daily Layout Summary, Layout Deviations report, or exported in a point or CAD file.

Layout Field report

With the Layout Field report you can now more easily document problems encountered during layout. A Field Report button is now included in the Layout Results dialog, allowing you to create a Field report associated with a laid out point. Layout Field reports include the design location of the point and the horizontal and vertical distances of the layout point from the designed location.

You can also include notes and images, using either the camera in the Trimble Tablet or the camera in the instrument, to offer detail about the situation they are reporting on. The Measure button is not available with a Field report created from a point lay out because the design location and lay out results are automatically included.

Layout Field Report

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Layout surface

Trimble Field Link for Structures version 2.1.0 provides the ability to lay out surface contours within the Surfaces module. After measuring a surface and defining the reference elevation and tolerance settings, high, in-tolerance, and low contours are calculated and displayed.

Trimble Field Link now enables you to lay out the points along the contours to identify the locations in the field without having to go back to the office and perform calculations in a design application. The contours are generated based on the points defined and measured in the surface. If very precise contours are needed, then the surface should be created with a grid spacing that is reflective of required precision.

The contour type, number of points in the contour, number of points staked, and the percentage staked of the selected contour is displayed during lay out. You can choose to lay out the contour locations with a prism or using Visual Layout. Visual Layout is an automated prismless layout that will indicate the location to be marked using the laser pointer in the robotic total station. Visual Layout performs a series of turns to automatically correct for irregularities in the surface to indicate the exact location that needs to be marked.

Surface contours are now displayed in the Trimble VISION™ display. Rather than using the standard overlay color, contours are displayed as red, green, or blue to indicate if they are high, in-tolerance, or low.

Capture images when collecting data

You now have the option to automatically capture an image that corresponds with points and linework collected in the field. This capability is only available with the Trimble VISION camera in the RTS773 and RTS873 robotic total stations.

The images are stored in a folder that is named the same as the job located in the Image folder inside the default Trimble Field Link folder structure. Images are named the same as the point that was collected.

Trimble Field Link Image Capture feature

Image Capture feature


This version is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Korean. New features are currently only in English, but the additional language support will be available in a follow-up release. All languages are installed with the Trimble Field Link software. Select your preferred language from the Units & Format tab in the Settings dialog.