October, 2016


These Release Notes describe the features and enhancements that are new in version 4 of the Trimble Field Link for MEP software.



In the Create menu, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Create plan by inputting dimensions from a paper plane
  • Create linework
  • Create points by typing in coordinates and delete points
  • Create points from the model by extracting end poits, mid points and intersections
  • Create grid points


In the Measure menu, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Layout points and linework
  • Measure points and control points
  • Change measurement settings


In the Device menu, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Connect to RTS, RPT600 or R8s GNSS
  • Perform an instruments setup
  • Change instrument settings like target type and reference elevation


In the More menu, you have access to the following options and menus

  • Map takes you back to the map screen
  • Jobs takes you to the Jobs menu
  • Compute lets you calculate distances, areas, angles and down and out
  • Reports takes you to the Reports menu
  • Trimble Connect lets you log into your account
  • About gives you version information and access to the log files
  • Minimize takes you back to Windows 10 temporarily
  • Exit shuts down Trimble Field Link for MEP v4


In the Jobs menu, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Open any existing job file on the tablet, a usb stick or Trimble Connect
  • Create a brand new empty job
  • Import takes any of the following formats and converts them to the Trimble Field Link format
    • SKP
    • DWG
    • DXF
    • CSV
  • Export converts your current job to any of the following
    • SKP
    • DWG
    • CSV
  • Change job settings like units


In the Reports menu, you can create the following reports

  • Daily Layout Summary (only with 3D Feature Pack)
  • Layout Deviations
  • Field Reports (only with 3D Feature Pack)

3D Feature Pack Module

If you have purchased this module, you will have access to the following features:

  • 3D Model Support
  • Field Reports
  • Daily Layout Summary
  • Layout Point List
  • Image Capture for Reports
  • Point Overlay on Image
  • Perspective Layout View

Supported Hardware

Trimble Field Link for MEP v4 works with the following:

  • RTS655
  • RTS771
  • RTS773
  • RTS873
  • RPT600
  • R8s
  • Trimble Field Tablet
  • Trimble Kenai Tablet
  • Dell Venue 8