March, 2017


These release notes describe the features and enhancements that are new in version 4.1 of Trimble Field Link. For further support information, go to

New features and changes

Map Screen

  • If the video is turned on and the user starts a target search with an RTS instrument, the video will stay on.
  • Option to save the current panorama. The user can then recall this if RTS or RPT600 has not been moved instead of retaking the panorama.
  • Option to display or not display already laid out points.

Measure Menu

  • Attributes of laid out point displayed.
  • Arcs collected by measuring three points
  • Option to transfer layout points between floor and ceiling
  • Wall Penetrations allow user to layout locations on a wall

Device Menu

  • Measure Reference Elevation is available directly from the Devices menu
    • The current Horizontal Angle, Vertical Angle, Slope Distance, Vertical Distance, Horizontal Distance, X, Y and Z Coordinates displayed in Instrument Settings.
  • Turn To feature allows user to turn the RTS instrument or RPT600 by a set horizontal angle.
    • The “bad Angles” setup warning will only appear if two points are used in the “Anywhere Setup” and the angle between the points is less than 45 degrees or greater than 135 degrees.


  • Revamp of Job Menu
  • Favorites Tab to store most used jobs
  • Save As option to copy a job
  • Point List functions available when exporting so user can select a subset of points
  • More options when importing a csv file


  • More symbols available on virtual keyboard

Supported Hardware

Trimble Field Link for MEP v4.1 works with the following:

  • RTS655
  • RTS771
  • RTS773
  • RTS873
  • RPT600
  • R8s
  • Trimble Field Tablet
  • Trimble Kenai Tablet
  • Dell Venue 8


This release of the Trimble Field Link is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese

Upgrade procedure

Upgrades are available via the Trimble Installation Manager. Only customers that have a current Software Support and Maintenance contract will be eligible for this upgrade. Customers that do not have a current Software Support and Maintenance contract should contact their sales representative.