February, 2018

New features and changes


  • Quick Access to Prism Type and Pole Height

  • Quick Access to Distance and/or Compute Tool

Create Menu

  • Point Attributes can now be edited via the Point Manager button

Measure Menu

  • Layout to a line now has an "up/down" value added to the info bar at the top of the screen

  • Layout Plane - High / Low / On Grade now has a sound feature in addition to the visual ques

  • Stake to Sloping Line

  • Auto Calculate Height Delta & Visually Show for Point Transfer

  • Collect Arc enhancement to compare to the project plane

Device Menu

  • Allow Negative Rod Height for inverting the layout rod and checking elevations of overhead items

  • Store Custom Prism(s)

  • Support RTS 573 & 673

  • A warning message has been added for when the battery life is less than 20%

  • Negative temperature values are now supported

More Menu

  • Surface points can be created, exported, and reported on.

  • Point volume enhancements for better behavior when larger quantities are loaded into the tablet

  • Calibration report for RPT or RTS now located in its own folder

  • CSV now supports Layers and Attributes on import and export

  • Trimble Field Link will now longer have specific suffixes such as MEP or Structures.  Moving forward it will be called “Trimble Field Link” and modules can be added for increased functionality.

Hardware Supported

  • RTS573

  • RTS655

  • RTS673

  • RTS771

  • RTS773

  • RTS873

  • RPT600

  • R8s

  • Trimble Kenai Tablet

Note: The Yuma 2 and Dell Venue 8 are no longer supported.  The last version that will run on the Yuma 2 tablet is v4.2

Languages Supported

  • English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese