June, 2018


These release notes describe the features and enhancements that are new in version 4.6 of Trimble Field Link.

New features and changes


  • TFL Office version now has split screen Data Entry

  • The ‘Info” button can now display line, arc, and circle information.


  • The preview information of your TFL job now contains ‘points staked’ data

  • When Importing CSV files, lack of headers in the CSV file have been fixed


  • New Tool has been added for vertical verification

  • When calibrating the RTS873 the user now has the option to use the camera joystick to align the green laser

  • Laser Mode has been enabled on the RTS 573 and some other “non-RTS” instruments when using ‘Reference Elevation’ and ‘Turn To’ features

  • The SPS 610 and SPS710 instruments now have the ability to do Laser Layout


  • When Laying out user now has the option to show both bullseye and map at the same time

  • Delta X,Y,Z view when laying out


  • In the feature ‘Create Points from Line’ user can now select TFL created linework as well as model linework


  • Vertical Surface Report

Module Specific

  • Site Control Module.  User now has the ability to measure rounds when setting up the instrument or under the Measure and Collect mode

  • Surface Module can now be used on vertical surfaces

Supported Hardware

Trimble Field Link software works with the following instruments:

  • RTS573, RTS655, RTS673, RTS771, RTS773, RTS873, SPS610, SPS710, & RPT600

  • R8s (GNSS)

Trimble Field Link software works with the following controllers:

  • Trimble Kenai Tablet


This release of the Trimble Field Link is available in the following languages:

  • English

  • German

  • French

  • Dutch

  • Italian

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Chinese

Upgrade procedure

Upgrades are available via the Trimble Installation Manager.  Only customers that have a current Software Support and Maintenance contract will be eligible for this upgrade.  Customers that do not have a current Software Support and Maintenance contract should contact their sales representative.  

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