March, 2015

The following enhancements have been added to the Trimble Field Points software in this release.

Trimble Field Points for AutoCAD

  • Place Points over Markers - this command allows you to place field points on a block containing a marker, or place holder, in a block.


  • Place Markers on Blocks - this feature also includes the ability to place points on dynamic blocks.

  • Point Import Enhancements - when importing points, points are now placed on the layer where they were originally exported from, rather than the default if not found layer.

Trimble Field Points for Revit

  • User-defined Groups -This release of the Trimble Field Points for Revit software allows you to create user-defined groups for use when importing points into your model. This feature is used to simulate layers in your Revit model (similar to AutoCAD and Trimble Field Link) to better define imported field points.

user-defined groups


You to create groups, and you can then select when importing points into the Trimble Field Points software.

group creation


You can allow the Trimble Field Points software define groups based on the settings in your model.

defined groups 2

When you allow the import to define your group(s), the group(s) display in the Group Settings dialog.

Note – After you have defined groups in the Group Settings dialog, you can select a Group when placing points.

  • 3D Object Snap - you now have the option to snap to objects in a 3D view when placing field points.

  • Revit Families - you can now use markers created in Trimble® Point Creator from within the Trimble Field Points software (under Setup). This avoids the need to recreate these markers in your model. This converts the markers to Trimble Field Points, with an option to back up your Trimble Point Creator files).

Revit Families


Common Trimble Field Points Enhancements (AutoCAD / Revit)

Common modifications affecting both Trimble Field Points for AutoCAD and Trimble Field Points for Revit follow:

  • Point Offset - This release of the Trimble Field Points software provides an option to offset a point in one direction or both (based on XY plane). This allows you to select the side to offset from (perpendicularly).

    • Trimble Field Points for AutoCAD - Place Points over Path

Place Points Over Path

  • Trimble Field Points for Revit - Place Tracing Points

Revit Place Tracing Points

  • Deviation Report - when you import points into the Trimble Field Points software, you can now run the Deviation Point Data report. This report illustrates how point location may have changed from the original placement in your drawing/model.

Deviation Report

  • Reprise License Server - The Reprise License Server can now be installed and run on a virtual computer.

  • License Release/Return - under Settings / License Manager, a Release command is now available. Releasing a license allows you to continue to work in the AutoCAD or Revit applications without restricting use of a Trimble Field Points license. This provides license availability to others.

License Release and Return

When you need to use a Trimble Field Points license again, you can click the Get License button.

  • Multiple Version Installation - This release of Trimble Field Points allows you to have multiple versions of the software loaded on the same computer. For example, if you are working on projects in AutoCAD and Revit versions 2014 and 2015, you can now have versions of Trimble Field Points compatible with both installed on the same machine.