July, 2013
Release 3.0.2 Features
  • Multi-page Measurements When transferring a part of a multi-page measurement from an original drawing to a revised drawing, the transfer returns the results expected.
  • Multi-page PDF When you copy measurements to a multi-page PDF, the scale now sets properly based on the settings for the current drawing.

LiveCount 3 Upgrade Notes

Depending on the version you are upgrading from, review the appropriate section below before installing this update.
LiveCount 3.0 / 3.0.1
If you have LiveCount version 3.0 or 3.0.1 installed, you can simply install this release over your existing software. Note: Uninstalling is not required.
LiveCount 2.5 / 2.5.1
You must uninstall LiveCount application before proceeding with this upgrade.
Note. When you run the LiveCount software, version 3.0.2 for the first time, your version 2.5 files are converted and renamed during the upgrade process. If your CTR files are on the server and contains a large number of projects, this conversion may take a while to complete. (See Important Information below.)
  • LiveCount2.5Projects.ctr - This data file contains all the measurements from LiveCount projects. It is highly recommended you back up this file on a regular basis. This file will upgrade to the version 3.0 format. The resulting name is LiveCount3.0Projects.ctr.
  • LiveCount2.5Standards.ctr – This data file contains your traces, layers and scales. This file will upgrade to the version 3.0 format. The resulting name is LiveCount3.0Standards.ctr
*Tip* - It is highly recommended that you keep the LiveCount 3 CTR files in a location regularly backed up.
If the LiveCount CTR files are located on your network, and the project file contains a large number of projects, when you launch LiveCount 3 for the first time, the following will occur:
You will be asked if you want to upgrade previous version files. Trimble recommends that you click No when asked this question; then use the stand-alone upgrade application. (Instructions follow.)
Note: If you have multiple LiveCount users, the first one to launch LiveCount 3 receive this message.

*Caution*: Upgrading CTR files located on a network drive could take several hours, depending on the size of the file. You can use the stand-alone program to upgrade the project file directly from the network folder location.

    • The stand-alone program (network utility) is automatically copied to the network directory where the LiveCount CTR files are located.
      • Option 1: From the computer where the CTR files reside, login to the server and browse to the location of the CTR files and launch the application (exe) found in the folder. Note: Do not browse to the network location from your computer. You must run this program from the server computer.
      • Option 2: Copy your CTR files to your local computer and convert them to version 3.
    • Copy the eTkoDBCvt.exe to a local folder on your computer. The default location is based on your operating system:
      • 64-bit Windows® Operating System C:\Program Files (x86)\Accubid\LiveCount 3 (64bit Windows)
      • 32-bit Windows® Operating System C:\Program Files\Accubid\LiveCount 3 (32bit Windows)
    • Copy your CTR files to the same folder
    • Run the eTkoDBCvt.exe from that folder
  • Copy the upgraded v3 files to the network location where your 2.5 files were located.

LiveCount 3 Compatibility

  LiveCount v2.5.1 LiveCount v3.0.2 and above
Classic Estimating    
Version 10.1 Supported N/A
Version 11.0 Supported Supported
Version 11.0.1 Supported Supported
Version 5.0.1 Supported N/A
Version 5.0.2 Supported N/A
Version 5.0.3 Supported Supported
Version 6.0 Supported Supported
Version 6.0.1 Supported Supported