March, 2019

New Features, Enhancements, and Modifications

General Feature Enhancements and Fixes

We appreciate client feedback and are continuously improving and evolving the product to better meet the needs of our clients. The LiveCount team has been working hard to bring you improved functionality and workflows. Here are some of the great changes in LiveCount.


Additional Symbol Points

  • Value to the client: With additional symbol points the LiveCount user can better illustrate estimating intent on their drawing(s).

    • In addition to the solid square symbol point, there are now (3) additional symbol points available: Hollow Square, Solid Circle, and Hollow Circle

    • These new symbol point types are available for:

      • Defining Styles

      • From a right-click edit of an annotation on your drawing

      • For Auto Count (LiveCount Pro only, ContractMaster and Anywhere)

Polar Mode for Counting

  • Value to the client: Polar Mode for count annotations allows you to easily align points for a count annotation when there are many rows and columns of drawing elements to quantify, improving the clarity of estimating intent.

    • Polar Mode now applies to count annotations as well as length annotations. If Polar Mode is on, it will now apply to counted points so you can align counts on your drawing

    • The Ctrl key is the (default)  override for Polar mode.

      • If Polar mode is On, Ctrl key overrides it to Off

      • If Polar mode is Off, Ctrl key overrides it to On

    • You can edit your Polar Mode settings from Settings > User Settings, Polar Angles


Fixes of note

  • Save button has been removed from User Settings.

  • Cleared up issues during Linked Annotation edit in that user could pull points of a connected line.

  • And more!

Known issues with LiveCount

  • Jobs started in Accubid Classic 13.3 that utilize LiveCount need to be finished in Classic 13.3 and cannot be upgraded to Classic 14.0 (or higher).

    • Finish older jobs in Classic 13.3

    • Start new jobs in Classic 14.1 (14.1.2 is recommended)

  • It is recommended to avoid canceling a take-off when using Accubid Classic or Enterprise in combination with LiveCount in the following scenarios:

    • In Classic when doing a new take-off which is linked to LiveCount it is not recommended to cancel out of a take-off (from LiveCount) before hitting end run and before creating the line item in the Audit trail because this results in an annotation in LiveCount that appears to be linked to a takeoff in Classic that doesn’t exist.

      • Cancel from Accubid instead of from LiveCount

    • In Enterprise when modifying a take-off in the edit take-off dialog it is recommended to avoid canceling out of the edit after changing the measurement in LiveCount because this will result in the measurements between LiveCount and Enterprise now being different and inconsistent.

    • In Enterprise when creating a new takeoff and then unlinking the measurement in LiveCount avoid canceling out of the take-off screen in Enterprise because it will delete the unlinked takeoff as well.