May, 2018

New Features, Enhancements, and Modifications

General Feature Enhancements and Fixes

We appreciate client feedback and are continuously improving and evolving the product to better  meet the needs of our clients. The LiveCount Cloud team has been working hard to bring you improved functionality and workflows. Here are some of the great changes in LiveCount Cloud.

  • Extra Drawing Windows - Display extra drawing windows on additional monitors to better navigate, annotate, and understand the document set.

    • Video Link:

    • Support for up to four additional drawing windows

    • New icon in Canvas drawing list

    • Can drag extra drawing windows to additional monitors

    • Can only create takeoff annotations on the primary window

    • Non-takeoff annotations can be created in all drawing windows

    • Named views are synchronized between extra drawing windows

  • Auto Count Improvements - Improved workflows, review on drawing, and more improvements to set LiveCount Auto Count solidly ahead of our competitors.

    • Video Link - Primary Search:

    • Video Link - Secondary Search:

    • Review results on drawing and click to include/exclude in the selection set

      • Green = included in selection set

      • Yellow = result was not considered as it was already manually counted

      • Red = no included in selection set

    • Cleaned up Auto Count workflows

    • Manually counted items are never considered in a primary or secondary search

    • Improvements to search accuracy

    • Increase zoom level of secondary search results area to 200%

    • Select an Auto Count search in the drawing and it is highlighted in bold in the LiveCount left pane under Auto Count.


  • Elevation for Mechanical  - Mechanical estimators will be able to clearly annotate and understand 3D elements in their 2D drawing.

    • Video Link:

    • When the industry is set to mechanical, elevations vs adder functionality is utilized

      • For Accubid Classic, you must set industry in Settings, General section on a per job basis

      • For Accubid Enterprise, industry is set based on what industry is selected upon creation of a job

    • Drawing length annotations, elevation can be set from the right-click menu or by pressing the spacebar and specifying the elevation

    • Positive and negative elevation changes are denoted by an X placed on the point. A solid X denotes a positive elevation change and a dotted X denotes a negative elevation change.


  • Multi-page Length Annotations  - Span length annotations across multiple pages when drawings have match lines. This allows for more accurate counting, measuring and tracking of lengths that span pages.

    • Video Link:

    • Measure feeders (or similar assembly) across multiple pages

    • Hyperlinks from page to page at the end and start of points part of a multi-page length annotation

    • Supports use of adders, uncounted points and polar mode


  • Named Drawing Views - Save views of important locations on your drawings so you can easily restore and swap between those, saving time in drawing navigation, panning and zooming.

    • Video Link:

    • Define named views for electrical, equipment and mechanical rooms.

    • Define named views for legends, tables and notes.

    • Utilize named views on the same drawing for easier creation of length measurements.

    • Named views are shared across the job for your estimating team.


  • Linked Drawing Views - Easily link between drawings to follow the relationship of a plan view to one-line or other related information.

    • Video Link:

    • Link an electrical, equipment or mechanical room on your plan to its corresponding one-line or riser diagram.

    • Link a keynote on your plan to the list of keynotes

    • Link an electrical panel on your plan to its corresponding panel schedule.


  • Symbol Point Sizing - Specify the size of the symbol to better illustrate your electrical drawings

    • Video Link:

    • Define the size of symbols. Larger for large drawing elements and smaller for items like device symbology.


  • Multi-color Highlighter - The LiveCount Cloud highlighter has been expanded to support layers and styles. The width of the highlighter can be defined as well.

    • Video Link:

    • Highlighter utilizes the current style for its color

    • Easily adjust the width from pencil to very broad highlighter


  • Additional Polar mode angles - Additional angles and more precise control over which angles to utilize.

    • Dial in the perfect angle for polar mode from Settings > User Settings


  • Change Layer from a right-click - Annotations layer can be changed from a right-click.

    • Easily move annotations to the layer desired.


  • Performance Improvements to LiveCount Cloud Canvas - LiveCount Cloud Canvas has been optimized for reduced memory usage and faster pan and zoom experience.

    • Reduced memory footprint by 90%

      • This will be very important in the next release with the extra drawing window.

    • 400% improvement in canvas pan/zoom performance


Fixes of note

  • Accubid Classic 14.1.2 - It is recommended to upgrade to Classic 14.1.2 as the drawing list sync with LiveCount works as expected.

  • Resolved issues of length annotations displaying incorrectly

  • Area and perimeter calculations of annotations are updated upon resizing.

  • Force right-click context menu for canvas on-screen

  • Definable keyboard shortcut for Polar Mode in Settings, General

  • Prevent Drawing compare when selection includes Scaled and Non-Scaled Drawings

  • Radius field is not shown for annotations where it is not applicable


Known issues with LiveCount Cloud

  • Jobs started in Accubid Classic 13.3 that utilize LiveCount Cloud need to be finished in Classic 13.3 and cannot be upgraded to Classic 14.0 or 14.1.

    • Finish older jobs in Classic 13.3

    • Start new jobs in Classic 14.1

  • It is recommended to avoid canceling a take-off when using Accubid Classic or Enterprise in combination with LiveCount Cloud in the following scenarios:

    • In Classic when doing a new take-off which is linked to LiveCount Cloud it is not recommended to cancel out of a take-off (from LiveCount) before hitting end run and before creating the line item in the Audit trail because this results in an annotation in LiveCount Cloud that appears to be linked to a takeoff in Classic that doesn’t exist.

      • Cancel from Accubid instead of from LiveCount

    • In Enterprise when modifying a take-off in the edit take-off dialog it is recommended to avoid canceling out of the edit after changing the measurement in LiveCount Cloud because this will result in the measurements between LiveCount Cloud and Enterprise now being different and inconsistent.

    • In Enterprise when creating a new takeoff and then unlinking the measurement in LiveCount Cloud avoid canceling out of the take-off screen in Enterprise because it will delete the unlinked takeoff as well.    


Changes in LiveCount Cloud Security

LiveCount Cloud deployed on Wednesday, November 29 at 7pm MST. This updated the security that LiveCount Cloud uses for its encrypted communications.


This change affected current users of Accubid Classic 13.3 and 14.0.

  • If you are using Classic 14.1 (released 11/15/17) it is recommended you upgrade to Classic 14.1.2.

  • If you are using Classic 14.0 it is recommended you upgrade to Classic 14.1.2.

    • Classic 14..11 is currently available on the Trimble Client Portal.

    • If you wish to stay on Classic 14.0 please contact Trimble MEP support for a security patch.

  • If you are using Classic 13.3 please contact Trimble MEP support for a security patch.


For Accubid Enterprise, version 7.1 or higher is required to use LiveCount Cloud and no security patch is required.