November, 2017

Features and Enhancements

The LiveCount Cloud team has been working hard to bring you improved functionality and workflows.

Here are some of the great changes coming your way! Also please note the requirement to upgrade to Accubid Classic 14.1 or contact support to patch your Classic 13.3 outlined in these release notes.

  • Adders - Visually and mathematically account for vertical segments of a length measurement that are not shown on a 2D drawing resulting in more accurate measurements for your estimates

  • Polar Mode - Easily draw length annotations parallel and perpendicular to build lines for more accurate measurements and visual clarity.

  • System breakdown linked to LiveCount Cloud style - Set your System Breakdown in your Accubid Estimating software tool (both Enterprise & Classic), start a takeoff and it automatically links that system breakdown to the corresponding LiveCount Cloud Style and Layer. This linking will assure your takeoff annotations in LiveCount Cloud look the way you want and simplifies defining company styles for your LiveCount Cloud users.

    • Note: This applies to Accubid Classic Estimating and ChangeOrder version 14.1 or higher or Accubid Enterprise Estimating version 8 or higher.

  • Sort LiveCount Cloud drawing list - Easily organize your drawing list and sync that order with Accubid Estimating to better navigate your job. After uploading your drawings to LiveCount Cloud you can sort the list by drawing name and easily have your drawings in the order you desire

    • Video Link:

    • Note: The sorted drawing list in LiveCount Cloud, will reflect in your Accubid Enterprise Estimating version 8 or higher.

  • Auto Count secondary search window - Auto Count secondary search window is now enlarged to 200% to make selecting the secondary search element easier, improving search accuracy.

  • Layers are now at the job level vs tenant wide - This means each new job created will only have one layer (Default Layer). Older jobs will still show all the layers that resided in them as this only applies to new jobs.

  • Enterprise 7.1 users will need to create layers as they see fit. By examining users data before this change, most are just using one layer and changing styles as need be. They are using the audit trail filtering to control visibility of annotations vs. layers, which is by design. As it has been, they will have to set their style manually.

    • Enterprise 8.0 will have the automatic linking of system breakdown to LiveCount Cloud style name

  • Classic 14.1 users will set the system breakdown in Classic 14.1, which will match to an existing style of the same name and automatically create a like named layer. If the style does not exist, they will be prompted to create it.

  • Zoom Fit to Window - is now the default when viewing a drawing on the canvas so you can see the entire drawing for easier drawing navigation

Fixes of note

  • Drawing rotation persists.

  • If a layer has takeoff annotations on it, the layer/style cannot be deleted.

  • All Counted Items contained in a single group and linked to Estimating cannot be deleted.

  • Non-Admin user causes counts to switch to uncounted when modified.

  • For some users, takeoff annotation changes to uncounted style when when one or more takeoff nodes is moved or adjusted.

Known issues with LiveCount Cloud

  • Jobs started in Accubid Classic 13.3 that utilize LiveCount Cloud need to be finished in Classic 13.3 and cannot be upgraded to Classic 14.0 or 14.1.

    • Finish older jobs in Classic 13.3

    • Start new jobs in Classic 14.1

  • It is recommended to avoid canceling a take-off when using Accubid Classic or Enterprise in combination with LiveCount Cloud in the following scenarios:

    • In Classic when doing a new take-off which is linked to LiveCount Cloud it is not recommended to cancel out of a take-off before hitting end run and before creating the line item in the Audit trail because this results in an annotation in LiveCount Cloud that appears to be linked to a takeoff in Classic that doesn’t exist.

    • In Enterprise when modifying a take-off in the edit take-off dialog it is recommended to avoid canceling out of the edit after changing the measurement in LiveCount Cloud because this will result in the measurements between LiveCount Cloud and Enterprise now being different and inconsistent.

    • In Enterprise when creating a new takeoff and then unlinking the measurement in LiveCount Cloud avoid canceling out of the take-off screen in Enterprise because it will delete the unlinked takeoff as well.