September, 2018


These Release Notes describe the new features and modifications that are new the Trimble®LiveCount software. For further support information, go to

What you receive with new version

As LiveCount is a software as a service application, all the new features and fixes are instantly available when you login.


This version of the Trimble LiveCount is compatible with Trimble Accubid Classic v14.1 (or higher) and Trimble Accubid Enterprise v7.1 (or higher).

Note – Drawing list sorting and creating a new job from a copy is supported with Trimble Accubid Enterprise v8. Drawing list sort is supported in Accubid Classic 14.1 or higher.

New Features, Enhancements, and Modifications

General Feature Enhancements and Fixes

We appreciate client feedback and are continuously improving and evolving the product to better  meet the needs of our clients. The LiveCount team has been working hard to bring you improved functionality and workflows. Here are some of the great changes in LiveCount.


Greatly expanded color palette

  • Value to the client: Color selection for annotations and styles has been expanded to 32-million colors for better illustration of takeoff intent. This applies to:

    • Style definition

    • Modifying the color of an existing point, line or annotation


Improved handling of long style names and special characters in style names

  • Value to the client: Some clients like to use very long and descriptive style names that not only describe a system, but installation intent. Now, very long style names display and support all special characters to better support this use case.


Fixes of note

  • Zoom level for an Auto Count secondary search supports zooming with the mouse wheel.

  • Parenthesis and brackets in style names sync properly with Accubid.

  • Points that are drawn support changing of point size from a right-click.

  • Drawings list sync with Accubid supports duplicate drawing names.

  • Many more!

Known issues with LiveCount

  • Jobs started in Accubid Classic 13.3 that utilize LiveCount need to be finished in Classic 13.3 and cannot be upgraded to Classic 14.0 (or higher).

    • Finish older jobs in Classic 13.3

    • Start new jobs in Classic 14.1 (14.1.2 is recommended)

  • It is recommended to avoid canceling a take-off when using Accubid Classic or Enterprise in combination with LiveCount in the following scenarios:

    • In Classic when doing a new take-off which is linked to LiveCount it is not recommended to cancel out of a take-off (from LiveCount) before hitting end run and before creating the line item in the Audit trail because this results in an annotation in LiveCount that appears to be linked to a takeoff in Classic that doesn’t exist.

      • Cancel from Accubid instead of from LiveCount

    • In Enterprise when modifying a take-off in the edit take-off dialog it is recommended to avoid canceling out of the edit after changing the measurement in LiveCount because this will result in the measurements between LiveCount and Enterprise now being different and inconsistent.

    • In Enterprise when creating a new takeoff and then unlinking the measurement in LiveCount avoid canceling out of the take-off screen in Enterprise because it will delete the unlinked takeoff as well.    

Essential Release Information

Trimble MEP Client Services

Before calling Client Services, we suggest you consult the online help. Many of the common procedures and questions are covered in this system.

Trimble MEP Client Services is available during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

Note – The office is closed on major holidays.

North America

Toll-free Telephone    1-800-361-3030

Outside North America

Telephone    1-905-761-8800



Third-Party Software Support

Trimble software may be integrated with third-party software applications (for example, accounting programs). Trimble MEP Client Services cannot provide in- depth support for third-party applications. Assistance is available only for procedures pertaining to how our software interfaces with non-Trimble applications.

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This is the Trimble®LiveCountTM Software Release Notes.

September 2018 Revision

The topics within this manual:

•    Are subject to change without written notice.

•    Companies, names, and data used in any examples are fictitious.

•    Screenshots included in the help topics may not be exactly as in the software application.