November, 2015

Release 5.0 Features

  • Takeoff Breakdowns

When you want to change the assigned Takeoff Breakdown for several items while working in the
LiveCount software, you can use the multiple select option. This allows you to easily change the breakdown for the selected items in your estimating program.

  • Enhanced Symbol Library

Additional symbols are now available for selection and use in your drawing. If desired, you can also create customized symbols when you make a symbol. Note: Existing drawings are not impacted by this change.

  • Trace Enhancements
    • You can add a leader line to measurements.
    • For Takeoff Traces, when you add/edit text added, you can now define the color of the text.
    • You can now create an arc between points when necessary.

Note: This feature is not the same as using the Create Arc command, as no intermediate points are included.

  • Annotations

You can now define the color of your Annotation text. This option is available when you add or edit an annotation.

  • LiveCount™ Pro only

This release of the LiveCount Pro software includes the ability to attach additional measurements calculated for items that are not visible in a 2D drawing (but may be included in a 3D drawing). You might consider using this feature for risers, sloped lengths, or width items (for example, cable trays) that may not be part of the actual drawing.

This feature is available for the following functions:

  • Measurement/Annotation description dialog
  • Text color property for annotations
  • Changes available for trace and foreground colors