October, 2016

Trimble is pleased to offer Release 5.1 of the Trimble® LiveCount™ software. This document provides enhancement/modification, installation, and compatibility information pertaining to this release.

This document provides the following information:

  • Modifications
  • Compatibility
  • Upgrade Installation Notes



  • Added an option to bypass the printer driver in the Printer Configuration dialog. Bypass Printer Driver option was added to batch printing. This was done as in some cases it was possible that an out of date printer driver would not print what was shown on the screen.
  • User can now open or close the Global and Project Favorites section within the Control Panel
  • Added ability to use disconnected points during a quick takeoff
  • Added ability to select either Regular or Advanced point editing from the ribbon bar
  • When creating new Length traces, user is asked if Adder Length and Adder Count are needed.
  • When upgrading, sometimes database conversion would be attempted on a corrupted file resulting in loss of data. Added ability to detect this corruption and prevent the conversion from starting.
  • Added the ability to expand/collapse all branches in Control Panel Auto Count
  • Docking menu commands were added to the control panel
  • In order to increase search efficiency, user are now warned if they attempt to search a drawing using a pattern that is either very large or mostly white.
  • Improved support for cloning projects between Estimating and LiveCount
  • User can now select a trace when splitting off points.
  • Added a hint to help prevent inefficient zooming and scrolling

Other Modifications

  • Waiting for Authorization Message – In some circumstances, it was possible to receive a message stating “Waiting for Authorization”, which would prevent the entry of additional takeoff. This now works as expected.
  • Arc generation on rotating drawings now displays as expected
  • It was possible that when take-off is modified within LiveCount on a multipage measurement for the value to not be properly returned to Estimating. This has been corrected.
  • When splitting points off of an existing measurement, we now automatically un-assign the split points from a take-off within Estimating
  • Batch Import of PDF files now works as expected with multi-page files.
  • Creating custom point symbols from a bitmap now works as expected.
  • When using an arrow annotation it was possible to have the head of the arrow display incorrectly. This has been corrected.
  • Under some circumstances it was possible to have the program become unresponsive when quickly and repeatedly changing focus between the drawing and the control panel. This now works as expected.
  • When filtering measurements it was possible for the control panel to not reflect this filtering without refreshing it. This has been corrected.
  • Custom point symbol libraries should now convert properly on upgrade.
    • Tip – Trimble recommends that you place the picture files used to create your custom point symbols in a custom location (not under the program install directory). Make sure to redirect LiveCount to this new location before updating.


This release of the Trimble Accubid LiveCount™ software is compatible with the following applications:

  • Trimble® Accubid™ Enterprise, Version 5.0.3 or newer

  • Trimble® AccubidClassic, Version 13.0 (it is not compatible with earlier versions of the Classic software)

    • Tip – If you experience any version compatibility issues, please contact Trimble MEP Client Services at 1-800-361-3030 for assistance.

  • Trimble® LiveCount™ Server

The LiveCount Server is a utility installed and run on your network server. This allows you to have a central location for LiveCount database files, which will greatly increase performance.

If you have five or more estimators using the LiveCount database concurrently, Trimble recommends moving to the LiveCount Server. This will substantially increase software performance, allowing for faster completion of LiveCount processes.

Note: The LiveCount Server is a separate product, requiring a separate license. The cost of the LiveCount Server license in not included in the base price of LiveCount. Please contact your Trimble sales representative for more information.