December, 2013

Faster Processing

Performance enhancements have been included in this release. This primarily affects specifying selection sets that include PipeDesigner 3D objects.

Field Points

  • Custom Points -  You can now insert Custom Points in any view. This modification makes  it easier to insert points at Sleeve openings in walls and for other similar  situations. The points are oriented in plan view.
  • New Hanger Point Option -  A new Hanger Point option is included in this version of the PipeDesigner 3D  software. This option allows you to offset from centerline instead of from the  edge of pipe or insulation.

Hanger point options



CSV Export

CSV Export

This export allows you to create an export file that can be imported into various field points software programs. Note: While you can you use this  export option to create a file that can be imported into Trimble® MEP and  Trimble® Field Link for MEP, this file does not include data specific to these  field points programs. If you are going to import data into a Trimble program,  we recommend you use the Trimble® MEP or Trimble® Field Link for MEP  export procedures. These processes export and import data specific to the  Trimble field points programs.

Hanger Blocks: BOM Settings - BOM Information settings have been added to the Hanger Block Insertion and  Hanger Block Insertion Settings dialogs. This feature allows you to include  Hanger Blocks in your BOM.

hanger Blocks: BOM settings


Hanger Blocks: BOM Settings

The Options / PipeDesigner 3D General tab now includes an Elevation option for Field Point tooltips.

Note: This checkbox is, by default, not selected..

Elevation option


New Hanger Type: Bibby-Ste-Croix - This setting places hanger points based on how you define the type. Options  are:

  • A hanger point on every connector in a run
  • Every other connection in a run



Hanger Point Rules - A new hanger point rule using Centerline of Joint is available for the Bibby-Ste- Croix hanger type.


Automatic Layering

When layering information is updated in the PipeDesigner 3D Data Editor, this can now be updated in your current drawing. Go to PD3D™ Tools / Utilities and click  next to Miscellaneous. When you click the Refresh Layer command, the layers are updated.

Automatic Layering in PipeDesigner


Part Query

A new Miscellaneous section is available in the Part Query. This section provides additional information pertaining to the selected part.

Part Query




End Size Annotation System Suffix - You can now specify how an end size annotation displays a system.



You can select one of the following:

  • Remove system suffix - Displays no system suffix
  • Append system abbreviation -  Abbreviates the system suffix, for example Generic becomes GEN
  • Show all - Displays the entire system suffix

Elevation Annotations - Advanced options are now available for fraction formats.

Elevation annotations


Auto Routing

When you auto route a sloped route line, short pieces of pipe are now placed on the high side of the run.


Additional Modifications

  • The AutoCAD Object Viewer now fully zooms in on PipeDesigner 3D entities.
  • Spool functionality improvements:
    • Spools now open with the zoom properly set
    • Spool drawings now draw in the actual color of the drawing (rather than the color of the spool).


This release includes a Resource page (under PD3D™ Tools / Properties). This page provides easy access to our various support services, by providing the following links  from within the software application:

  • Trimble MEP website
  • MEP Client Services email
  • Trimble MEP online support (requires contact with a representative)
  • System information (often needed by an MEP Client Services representative)