December, 2014

Entity Export

The Entity Export procedure allows you to select specific entities in your drawing and export them to a CSV file that can be opened in Microsoft® Excel®. Because you might have definitive requirements for reporting, this feature allows you to choose data, create your own report, and then format it as desired.

In the Export format pane, you can click  to use one of the Trimble defined formats or click  to open the Fields for Export dialog. This dialog allows you to further define the data exported. After you have exported the data, you can save it for use/reporting at a later time.


  • You can choose the fields and field order included in the export file.
  • You can create named sets for exports that you will be doing on a regular basis.
  • You can export and import field sets from other projects. This saves you time because you do not have to recreate these repeatedly.
  • Objects that exactly match are combined, providing a single count of those items. This streamlines your report by listing the like items together, instead of separate counts.
  • You can also group similar pipe to provide a total length or counts of individual lengths of pipe.

Match Buttons

This release of the PipeDesigner 3D software includes functionality allowing you to match settings to a selected item. You can use this feature when attaching fittings or placing branches to ensure the appropriate system, part list, and size are used. The match buttons are located on the PD3D™ Dashboard next to each associated field.

When you click on a match button, you are prompted at the Command Line to specify the object. You can click on the item in the drawing and all settings change based on your selection.

This feature will help eliminate placing items with incorrect settings.

Plus Grip

In this release of PipeDesigner 3D, a plus grip is available on each opening of all pipe/fittings. When you select this grip, a new Route Line is started at the connection of that opening.

Annotation Import Settings

This release of PipeDesigner 3D includes functionality that allows you to import annotation settings from another drawing.

  • This command is located on PD3D™ Annotations tab.
  • Go to the Annotate group and then click Import.
  • When you click on the panel and then Import, you can select the drawing with the settings you want to import into your current drawing.

Additional Modifications

  • Spool Manager
    • Multiple spools can now be opened at the same time.
    • Spool BOM settings are now consistently retained between spools.
  • BOM
    • The Regenerate and Refresh commands have been improved.
  • Connectivity
    • Items retain connectivity on a persistent basis (as expected).
  • Hanger Points
    • Hanger point numbering will adjust incrementally between separate piping runs.
    • Hanger points are now placed on piping runs between two tees.
  • Field Points
    • To allow for a more generic drawing format, field points are no longer included in Client Export drawings.
  • Sloped Runs
    • Fittings inserted on sloped lines have been enhanced.

Data Modifications

The following modification was made to the PipeDesigner 3D database (PipeDesigner 3D Data Editor).

The data associated with Opening 1 and Opening 2 is now correct in the database. (The opening sizes were previously reversed.)

If you choose to add these changes to your PipeDesigner 3D database, refer to the Final Steps in the Update Installation Instructions document for detailed procedures.