December, 2015

The following enhancements have been added to the PipeDesigner 3D software in this release.

Route Lines

  • This release of the PipeDesigner 3D software allows you to adjust the UCS and stay aligned to it when drawing a route line. This feature might be used when you are drawing a building that has different angles (not a square/rectangle).
  • When you use the auto-route functionality, and an O-let is required, you can now choose both reducing and non-reducing sizes in the selection dialog.

Spool Enhancements

  • When you create an IFC export for a drawing that contains spools, the spool name is now included for each spooled entity in the resulting file.
  • The column fill functionality is now available when setting text size and style in the in the create/edit Spool dialog. This allows you to enter a value in a field and then automatically populate all fields in the column with the same value.
  • To better reflect functionality, the Defaults tab is now available in the Spool Manager. This tab was previously labeled Utilities.
  • The weld diameter is now included in the spool drawing. This indicates the total weld diameter in the spool.
  • When creating spools, you can now define how entities that have already been selected in another spool display. The default setting is Isolate with Fade. Clearing the checkbox hides entities from view that are already included in a spool.
  • When using dual monitors, moving the Add New Spool dialog to a secondary monitor, now remains in that location (as expected).


  • Additional grips are now available in the PipeDesigner 3D software. Grips allow you to adjust length, position, rotate elbows/offsets, and add route lines.

The following table lists the grips available, with the associated functionality.

  • Move Grip: Allows you to move the pipe or fitting
  • Lengthen Body Grip: Allows you to lengthen a straight piece of pipe
  • Rotate Grip: Allows you to rotate a fitting (elbows/bends) on the open end at 90 degree increments; arrow indicates direction
  • Add Route Line Grip: Allows you to add a route line to pipe or fittings


  • When you place an entity in your drawing and it is not connected to another entity, an elevation prompt now displays at the Command Line allowing you to enter the elevation. This allows you to control the elevation for individual items when originally drawn.
  • New elevation options are now available on the PD3D™ Tools tab / Tools. These options allow you to set or adjust elevation on an entity after it is placed.

Set Elevation

This option moves one selected entity to the elevation you specify at the Command Line. The elevation is set to the Top, Bottom, or Centerline of the item based on your selection.

  • You can enter the elevation in positive or negative values.
  • You can use this command a on sloped entity.
  • Entity connectivity is removed when using this command.

Adjust Elevation

The Adjust Elevation option allows you to adjust the relative elevation of multiple entities based on the elevation specified at the Command Line.

  • You can use window or individual entity selection methods.
  • You can enter the elevation in positive or negative values.

Note – These procedures affect only PipeDesigner 3D entities. All other entities are filtered out even if included in the selection.


  • Weld Diameter - You now have the option of including weld diameter values in the BOM. This information is included in a Spool BOM, as well as a BOM Export. This provides you with information pertaining to how much welding is required.
  • Weld Mark - You have the option to include a unique Weld mark in the BOM or BOM Export.
    • Selecting the checkbox in the dialogs includes a unique weld mark for each type. This is the default setting.
    • Clearing the checkbox forces all welds to share the same mark.
  • Column fill - The column fill functionality is now available when setting text size and style in the BOM.

Dynamic Pipe Length

This release of the PipeDesigner 3D software includes dynamic dimensions.

  • As you draw a run of pipe, the distance and length can be specified, providing easy and accurate measurements.
    • When you enter a length in the field, the pipe is drawn at the specified length.
    • When you use the stretch grip to add length, the total length is displayed, as well as the length being added. You can press the [Tab] key on your keyboard to move between the two length fields if you want to input manually.

Additional Modifications

  • We now support the latest export format to the Trimble construction layout tools. For more information, visit the Trimble MEP website.
  • The PD3D™ Tools / View group now includes checkboxes that allow you to toggle certain items on and off, including whether to show or hide insulation.
  • When you undock the PD3D™ Dashboard, it now supports the Auto-hide option.
  • When drawing route lines using the Match Z functionality, objects no longer snap to the location where lines appear to intersect.
  • Object snaps now work as expected when drawing a route line.
  • Opening a PipeDesigner 3D export file in Autodesk® Navisworks® now works as expected.