February, 2019

New Features, Enhancements, and Updates



This SysQue release contains several enhancements intended to improve the User experience when using SysQue.  Those improvements include:


  • The speed of Supports has been improved

  • Stabiplan Apps are included in this release and going forward for all SysQue Users with an active SysQue license

  • Two new duct fittings have been added to the Duct application, with many more to come this year!

  • Several bugs in the tool have been fixed


Below are more details about each of the above items.



  • Performance improvements for pipe as a whole have been implemented, such that Users will be able to work more quickly in the Supports app.

  • Hangers connecting to sloping pipe has historically been an issue inside of SysQue - this issue is fixed within this release


  • No changes to the Pipe application


  • Two new duct fittings have been added to the Duct content library for use in SysQue.

  • They include a new elbow tap and corner tap.  

  • The elbow tap is available for PAC export, whereas the corner tap (a non-standard fitting) is draw only.


  • No changes to the Electrical application


  • The New Elbow Tap as discussed in Duct above is available for PAC export


  • No changes to the Spool application aside from bug fixe (see below)