August, 2017

New Features, Enhancements, and Updates

This section includes a brief introduction to new features. For more detailed instructions log into the SysQue support forum at https:\\ and browse to the appropriate category.


SysQue now supports Revit 2018.


The SysQue software now features an enhanced interface and an updated Trimble user interface.


The supports module has improved handling of the for layout points. SysQue contains layout points integrated with hangers, as well other points that can be placed manually. The new Renumber tool allows all of these items to be organized according the the needs of your project and before exporting to your Robotic Total Station.

Also included in this update is improved support for User Custom Points. These can be added to any Revit family, with a descriptive name in the Point Type parameter that then gets shown under Name in your Trimble Field Layout tablet.


Significant changes have been made to spooling. Both speed and reliability have been improved throughout. The spool list shown in the palette has also been decoupled from the requirement that the filename and path do not change. You can now move or rename your file and then re-associate the cloud based spool list with your project file RVT.


In addition to the existing support for Trimble FabShop, Vicon and CAMduct MAJ, there is now support for fabrication file format TXT output for CAMduct. This enables enhanced mapping options for SysQue customers using CAMduct. Various enhancements and bug fixes.


Pipe connector information is applied in the cloud and no longer needs to be done by the user on download. Pipe and pipe fittings can have nominal size values applied at draw time, or they can be applied as a standalone process to existing models. Nominal size also includes Metric equivalents where appropriate. Various enhancements and bug fixes.


Improved reporting of wire length in conduit. Various enhancements and bug fixes.


Many speed enhancements, customer feedback suggestions, and bug fixes have gone into this update. Here are some of the noteworthy items:

  • Enhanced content download process

    • All content downloads are now provided through an enhanced cloud server

    • All modules connect directly to the cloud server with no intermediary process

    • Pipe connector information is applied in the cloud and no longer needs to be done by the user