December, 2017

New Features, Enhancements, and Updates

This section includes a brief introduction to new features. For more detailed instructions log into the SysQue support forum at https:\\ and browse to the appropriate category.


Multi-Rack hangers has been fixed to stretch across selected pipe or conduit at multiple selection locations.


Spooling dialog box is able to be resized.  Spooling issues with locked GUID’s have been fixed.


The duct processing speed has been Improved.


The CAMduct MAJ option has been removed in favor of the new TXT output which was added in a previous release and mentioned in prior notifications.  Bug fixes have been done.  New graphics has replaced the old graphics containing the BD cloud.


Pipe/Plumbing and fittings can have nominal size for all pipe and fittings and will also include Metric equivalents where appropriate.  


Conduit Reducer - Fixed the ability to place reducing bushings inside a conduit fitting.  With limitations of Revit, you will have to place the reducing bushing manually by right clicking on the bushing icon, select takeoff, and select the desired size change.  Place the bushing in the fitting that you want to make a change in size and then draw conduit from the bushing.  Keep in mind, you may have to change to wireframe display in order to see the bushing.  See the example below.


Percent Fill of Conduit - This is a new feature for electrical that will calculate the % fill of the conduit based on the wire configuration defined in the Conduit Tab within Specification Settings, or the number of circuits assigned to the conduit from a given panel.  If you exceed 40% of fill, the following dialog box will display while processing the conduit run.  


This also can be run on existing conduit runs that have either wirefill or panels and circuits assigned.  Select the conduit run, and in the tool menu select “Check for exceeding fill %.


Total Bend Angle - This is a new feature that will alert you when processing the conduit run if the total bend angle for the run exceeds the value that is defined in the Conduit Settings.  While processing the conduit run, if it exceeds the maximum bend angle defined, you will get a message with the actual total bend angle to alert the user.


This can also be run on existing conduit runs by selecting the run and in the tool menu select “Check for Exceeding Max Angle”.


Refresh Available Fitting List in Building Data Notifications has been updated to include versions 2016 and 2018.

If you are downloading/backfilling families for the first time, you may need to run “SetConnectorInfo” in a blank non-SysQue Revit model for SysQue to set the correct Connector End types.  It’s recommended that you do this before you start using the Electrical and Duct modules.