October, 2018

These release notes describe the features and enhancements that are new for the major installer
release dated 2018-10-15. For additional assistance, please email
support@sysquesupport.zendesk.com or call 1-800-234-3758.
***NEW*** Upgrade procedure
There are no longer separate full installer and upgrade installers. There is now only one per
Revit year. And, Yes, it is supposed to be that fast!
Warning: Do NOT uninstall your last SysQue version before installing this one.

Doing so can cause loss of system data.
To download the latest release, log into SysQue support forum
and select the installer required for your version of Revit.
For additional instructions see the document SysQue Full Installation Instructions also available
on the forum under SysQue Software Downloads.
Autodesk software
This release of SysQue is compatible with the current releases of Autodesk® Revit® versions 2017,
2018, 2019.
SysQue is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® versions 7, 8, and 10.
Backward compatibility
Digital models produced in Revit cannot be saved to or opened in previous versions.

Version 6.1 Page 2
New Features, Enhancements, and Updates
General 1. The primary purpose of this release was a complete overhaul of how the
Building Data Content is served to the user. Because of this architectural
change the following changes have been released:
● No more separate update and full installers, just ONE installer for each
Revit year
● New installations have gone from minutes to seconds
● All content loaded on the BD website will be shown in the “Add
Fittings.” No need to go to website, find new fittings, add to cart, and
download through the Data app, it is already there - ready for use!
● No need to use the “Refresh Available Fittings” function in BD Updater
as the data will be synchronized in real time
● No need to synchronize the local content anymore to get new nominal
2. When opening a discipline palette after a clean install of 6.1, you may have
to specify the Root Directory (lower part of any SysQue panel):

Revit 2017: C:\ProgramData\BuildingData\SysQueContent2017\BuildingData
Revit 2018: C:\ProgramData\BuildingData\SysQueContent2018\BuildingData
Revit 2019: C:\ProgramData\BuildingData\SysQueContent2019\BuildingData
Supports Supports now act similar to pipe, duct and electrical in accessing content. You
can now “Manage Configuration” and “Add Hangers” into those configurations
just like you would set up systems in Pipe, Electrical and Duct and add fittings
to them.

Pipe None

Version 6.1 Page 3
Duct None

1. Updates to electrical families include the Flip parameter on conduit body
elbows (LB, LR, LL) and clearance parameters for all sides of the fitting.

2. We copied all the junction boxes that were originally face based and
created non-faced based families as well. As shown in the dialog box, the
original face based families were moved to folders that contain "FB" in the
directory name. The new Non-Face based junction boxes are in the
original folders. If you have junction boxes in your systems and download
new fittings you will get the Non-Faced based junction boxes. If you want
Faced based boxes in your systems, add them from the directories that
contain "FB" in the directory names.

3. The Non-Face Based junction boxes now have a "Mount Height"
parameter for defining the elevation of the box. Also note, all junction
boxes have Junction Box Clearance zone on the open side of the junction

Version 6.1 Page 4
PAC None
Spool None

Bug Fixes:
● #21621 - Issues placing hangers on tray
● #21834 - Multiple User Defined Points in a family are not exporting multiple locations
● Hangers with the same name are not getting # number when processing points with Point
● #21659 - Point manager can now recognize points on “CP CS fig 200V Vee Clevis Hanger EG”
● #19854 - Rectangular floor sleeves points in point manager
Additional Notes:
There is a change that was made to the Revit 2018 API that has caused an issue with creation of
spool drawings that use non-3D views. The other views are not being properly “Cropped”. As a
work-around you can create only 3D views and orient them as if they were Plan or Section views.

Version 6.1 Page 5
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