May, 2019


These release notes describe the features and enhancements that are new for the installer release dated 5-17-2019. For additional assistance, please email or call 1-800-234-375.

To download the latest release, log into SysQue support forum here.

New Features, Enhancements, and Updates



This release contains several bug fixes in SysQue related to spooling, nominal size, the piping application, and applying project data to families.  Also, a new electrical assembly has been created for use in SysQue. Last, updates have been made to the SysQue application installer as noted below.


See below for more details.

Application Installer

  • Prior to the 6.4.1 release, Users were asked it they would like to install or uninstall their Support files when installing (or uninstalling) their version of SysQue.  In this release, Users will no longer be prompted with this message.

  • Also, Users who were electing to not uninstall and replace their Support files when installing the SysQue v6.4 release were not receiving the SysQue Spool Template on their computer.

  • In this release, all Support files will be placed on a User’s computer if any are not present.  When uninstalling 6.4.1, the User’s Support files (Systems, Specifications, templates, etc.) will not be removed so that they can be used again if SysQue is reinstalled on the User’s computer.


No changes to the Supports application.


No changes to the Bill of Materials (BOM) application.


No changes to the Submittals  application.


  • Nominal Size was not reporting correctly in all cases for piping (for tees as an example).  In this release, nominal size is reporting correctly and using the following rules:

    • In a fitting, the larger of the two values between connector 1 and connector 2 and then the connector 3 value.  E.g. ‘2x1x1’.

    • If all connector values are the same, then nominal size will be reported as a single value.  E.g. ‘2’.

  • Prior to this release, if a change to the type of any fitting was made in Building Data content, and that fitting had been previously used in a User’s project, the old fitting type was still being applied to the fitting when drawn in a system.  This was, as an example, causing couplings and reducers to not place correctly on an AB&I system. In this release, any fitting’s type is being updated when opening a System in the Piping application to match changes in Building Data, thus preventing any content processing issues in a User’s project.


No changes to the Duct application.


  • A new electrical assembly (a junction box whose orientation can be horizontal or vertical along with an attached rod) has been added to electrical custom content.  

    • The rod’s size in this assembly can be auto-calculated and connected to a level / floor when managing points.


No changes to the PAC application.


Several bug fixes have been completed in the spooling application, including:


  • In the most recent 6.4 release, when creating a spool prefix with a dash and, in turn, deleting any spool having that prefix, all spools also having a dash in their spool prefix were also being deleted.  This issue has been corrected.

  • In the most recent 6.4 release, when a spool was being deleted, atoms associated with those spools were not also being deleted from the User’s model.  This has been fixed such that atoms are now deleted when a spool is deleted.

  • In the most recent 6.4 release, in some cases, when creating a spool sheet for a spool, a blank pipe accessory schedule was being created on the spool sheet.  This has been corrected.

  • In the most recent 6.4 release, when a user was generating spools containing a hub & spigot, all hub connectors were being deleted at the time the spool was created.  This has been corrected such that the connectors are not deleted when a spool is created for a system containing hub & spigot.


Also, several enhancements / behavioral changes have been added to spooling.  They are as follows:


  • A reference plane exception for sloping pipe was causing generation of spool sheets to interrupt until a User cleared the reference plane exception.  In this release, the reference plane exception is being suppressed when generating sheet(s) for a spool, so that generating sheets is able to process uninterrupted when one or more spools contains sloping pipe.

  • When modifying the SysQue Spool Template (which was included in the most recent 6.4 release), changes were not being applied to the spool template when saved.  With this release, modifications to the SyQue Spool Template can be saved and applied to a User’s projects when spooling.

    • Please note, however, that only changes to views, schedules, and title blocks in the SysQue Spool Template may be modified.  

    • Any additional spool sheets added to the SysQue Spool Template will not be saved and applied to any Customer projects. Users can only modify the 4 provided Spool Template Sheets in the SysQue Spool Template.

    • Users may build their own spool sheets for applying to their projects, if they’re needing a spool sheet(s) other than those provided in the SysQue Spool Template.