March, 2020

This document provides information about new features and modifications in the latest release of Trimble® SysQue®. More detailed information can be found in the online help system here.


These release notes describe the features and enhancements that are new for the major installer release dated 2020-03-09. For additional assistance, please email or call 1-800-234-3758.

To download the latest release, log into SysQue support forum here.


Autodesk software

This release of SysQue is compatible with the current releases of Revit versions 2018, 2019, and 2020. 

**Please also ensure that you have Dynamo v1.3 or higher installed if using Dynamo.  SysQue is not compatible with Dynamo versions lower than v1.3.


SysQue is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® versions 7, 8, and 10.

Backwards compatibility

Digital models produced in Revit & SysQue cannot be saved to or opened in prior year versions.

New Features, Enhancements, and Updates

Summary of Improvements & Business Value

This release integrates SysQue with Trimble Identity (TID), a single sign on service that Trimble is adopting to allow users to eventually have one login for all Trimble products. 


Trimble Connect Business Premium will be included with all new subscription sales. Current customers, please contact your sales representative if you are interested in taking advantage of this offer.  


There have also been improvements to the propagation of electrical parameters through runs, as well as the addition of the move left/move right/move to end commands in electrical. 


There are minor improvements to Hub & Spigot functionality. 


Several bugs have been fixed in this release to help with overall application stability.

Sign On

  • Users will now have to log in to SysQue using their Trimble Identity Account. Users can sign up for an account by opening Revit and clicking “Create New TID” from the TID login screen. The email address used to create the TID must match an active license in BD Licensing Portal.

    • Users can check the “Keep me signed in” option. Sign-in will persist even after Revit is closed and reopened.

    • Any brand new SysQue users will have a TID automatically generated when their email address is entered in BD licensing manager. Users should check their email inboxes for the activation link.

    • For step-by-step instructions, please see the “SysQue introduces authentication through Trimble Identity (TID)”  article on the SysQue Portal. Instructional Video and FAQ are also available on the Portal.


No new changes to the Supports application.


No new changes to the BOM application.


No new changes to the Submittals application.


The following improvements have been made to the Pipe application:


  • When drawing hub & spigot, no matter which direction you drew from, the hub was always placed first. Now, in the “Edit Pipe” window, users have the option to select whether they want to draw with a hub first or a spigot first 

  • Added “Draw Pipe” command to duplicate the same functionality found in Duct & Electrical. If a user right-clicks on the end of an existing SysQue pipe and selects “Draw Pipe”, after the user is done routing the pipe, it will auto-process with the correct SysQue system.



  • No new changes to the Duct application.


  • Move Left/Move Right/Move to End functionality has been introduced for conduits, cable tray, and flextray

  • User now has the option to “Push Values Through Run” for conduit.

  • This behavior is only available for conduit and conduit fittings and will only be displayed if these three options (and only these three options) are checked when creating the parameter.



  • If the “Push Values Through Run” option is checked, the parameter values will be applied to all connected elements in the run and works as follows:

    • Draw a new conduit run.  Initially for new conduit runs these parameters will be assigned the default value for the parameter.

    • Select the conduit run and modify the values for the parameter as desired.

    • Add additional conduit to the run: The values applied to the existing conduit run will propagate through the run and be applied to all conduit and conduit fittings in the run.

  • Additional Notes

    • The parameter values will not propagate through equipment or any family that does not have the assigned parameter

    • Drawing from an existing segment of conduit into a main run of conduit, the existing segment will keep its value but the new portion of the segment connecting into the main will get its value from the main.

    • New segments drawn into the main or from the main out will get their value from the main.

    • You should not set your desired push parameter values as you are drawing the conduit.  You need to draw your conduit run, esc from the draw conduit command, and then modify the parameter values as desired.

    • Additionally for the push parameters to work as expected you need to exit the draw conduit command when you are switching drawing between conduit runs (from one conduit run to another).  Press esc twice to stop drawing conduit, and then click conduit again to start the new run.


  • No new changes to the PAC application.


  • No new changes to the Spooling application.


Bug Fixes:


  • When running BOM for some models, the application failed to return any results and a blank screen was presented. This has been fixed for this release.

  • Shoe tap was not working properly between PAC and CAMduct. The dimensions are correctly imported to CAMduct for this release.

  • When using PAC and exporting to 3rd Party CAM, “IsCoil” field was not populating upon export. This has been fixed to populate with TRUE or FALSE for coil duct or non coil duct..

  • In specific projects, the Auto Tag will not place tags according to the “Before and After Transition” rules. This has been fixed for this release.

  • When running the “Place Couplings” command, SysQue is making the line weight too heavy, causing large blobs on the screen. This has been fixed for this release.

  • Changing size on piping was causing overly large line weights to anything that is changed. This has been fixed for this release.

  • Move Left/Move right command is not working for vertical sections of duct or pipe. This has been fixed for this release.

  • When creating a new system, reducers are not displaying increasing sizes correctly. This has been fixed for this release.

  • When pipe has insulation or duct has insulation, double wall, or liner,  “move to end” and “move left/right” is not working properly. This has been fixed for this release.

  • If you add a project parameter to a thread-o-let, it doesn’t persist once it is placed. This has been fixed for this release.

  • PAC application used to accept NULL values for certain fields. New validation message forces the user to enter a value.

  • Removed redundant “Systems” label from all major areas of the application. Ex: “Systems Pipe” is now “Pipe”.

  • Riser clamps were not placing correctly on vertical pipe. This has been fixed in this release.

  • When using the "Renumber Duct" functionality, if the option "Same Number for Identical Ducts/Fittings" is selected, the identical ducts/fittings were being determined incorrectly. This has been fixed for this release.

Additional Notes:

  • “About” button has been replaced with the “Trimble Account” section of the application. In this section, you can sign in/out of TID, view your SysQue version, and check for updates.

  • Subscription users of SysQue now get access to Trimble Connect Business Premium. In order to gain access, contact your sales representative. Those with perpetual SysQue licenses may purchase Connect access separately. 


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