June, 2020


These release notes describe the features and enhancements that are new for the major installer release dated 2020-05-29. For additional assistance, please use the live chat feature on the online help system, email mepsupport@trimble.com, or call 1-800-234-3758.

To download the latest release, log into SysQue support forum here.


Autodesk software

This release of SysQue is compatible with the current releases of Revit versions 2018, 2019, and 2020. 

Please also ensure that you have Dynamo v1.3 or higher installed if using Dynamo.  SysQue is not compatible with Dynamo versions lower than v1.3.


SysQue is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® version 10.

Backwards compatibility

Digital models produced in Revit & SysQue cannot be saved to or opened in prior year versions.

New Features, Enhancements, and Updates

Summary of Improvements & Business Value

This release of SysQue introduces Spooling 2.0 which has numerous improvements over Spooling 1.0 for more productive spooling and prefabrication workflows.

  • Faster

    • 2x faster than spooling 1.0

    • On the fly spool definitions with native Revit workflows. 

  • More reliable

    • Easier sharing of spools and spooling info across the SysQue project team

    • Improved support for native Revit spooling functionality for easier creation and maintenance of spools

  • Better user experience

    • When deleting a sheet, it deletes the views, sheets, and schedules, but does not delete the assembly in Revit making it easier to regenerate sheets upon spool changes.

    • One-time template import for improved performance loading and reloading the Prefab 

    • Single Color Map view is imported out-of-the-box. SysQue supplied View Template that can be applied to any view to easily visualize spools.

    • Paths to spool tag files can reside on the network drive for location for easier sharing with the SysQue team.

    • Spooling 2.0 User Guide Videos

SQL 2019

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 for a more performant SysQue database experience.


No new changes to the Supports application.


No new changes to the BOM application.


No new changes to the Submittals application.


Downstream processing is minimized when altering an existing layout.


  • Added reference planes to pitched pipe for accurate dimensioning of plumbing. (Spooling 2.0 feature)

  • New connectors for Hub x Spigot connectivity 

  • New connectors for Male x Female connectivity

    • Push On, Socket Fusion, Fusion Plain End, Pipe Plain End, Bell Hub, Joint - Female, and Joint – Male


  • Added “Process Fittings Only” to the Duct palette to enable the SysQue user to route duct without breaks and then use the SysQue “Process Straights” command to cut the duct into fabricateable pieces.

  • Ability for Straight and Fitting Specifications to have the same name


No new changes to the Electrical application.


  • PAC specification and connector mapping remembers settings for all configurations used and maintains the data through all projects, while supporting project specific configurations.


Spooling 2.0 User Guide Videos

  • Added Prefab Manager for Spooling 2.0 to support improved spooling/prefab workflows.(Spooling 1.0 is still supported in SysQue 7.3) (See Summary section for more information)

    • Load Template

    • Generate spool sheets and easily update them

    • Delete spool sheets

    • View spool sheets by project levels

    • Print spool sheets

  • Added “Create Spool” to the Revit Modify/Multi-Select menu for easier native Revit spool creation workflows

  • You can maintain multiple prefix and numbering schemas. For example, you can create CWS-001.

  • And you can maintain another naming schema

    • The last one used will persist for the next spool creation.

  • Easily add to or delete from a spool with native Revit “Edit Assembly”  functionality.

  • Support for dimensioning spool parts in 45-degree increments. 

    • Updated the atom on fittings

  • Added reference planes for pitched pipe for accurate dimensioning of plumbing. 


Defect Fixes of Note

    • Fixed issue where HETO taps would not place properly in some models

    • Fixed issue around Trim/Extend command causing unwanted reprocessing

    • PAC - FabShop Connector Mapping is now saved

  • PAC - Export remembers the last used export type

Additional Notes

Subscription users of SysQue now get access to Trimble Connect Business Premium. Those with perpetual SysQue licenses will receive one full year subscription for each license owned. In order to gain access, please contact your sales representative.