December, 2020

SysQue v8.0.1 

This document provides information about new features and modifications in the latest release candidate of Trimble® SysQue®. More detailed information can be found in the online help system here.


These release notes describe the features and enhancements that are new for the minor installer release dated 2020-12-15. For additional assistance, please use the live chat feature on the online help system, email, or call 1-800-234-3758.

To download the latest release, log into SysQue support forum here.


Autodesk software

SysQue v8.0.1 is compatible with currently supported Autodesk versions of Revit:  2021, 2020, and 2019. New features will be available for these three versions. SysQue installed for Revit 2018 will continue to function as installed. 

SysQue for Revit 2017 will be uninstalled if SysQue version 8.0 (or higher) is installed on that workstation.

Please see the Revit 2021 system requirements, Performance: Large, complex models section for recommended system requirements. If you run Revit/SysQue on a system with lower specifications you will not realize the full productivity of the software due to slower system performance.

Please also ensure that you have the latest version of Dynamo installed.


SysQue is compatible with 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 10.

Backward compatibility

Digital models produced in Revit & SysQue cannot be saved to or opened in prior year versions.

New Features, Enhancements, and Updates

Summary of Improvements 

This release is a patch to SysQue v8.0 which includes improvements to the Duct, PreFab Manager, Pipe, Electrical, and Supports applications in SysQue. As well as general improvements listed below.

  • Fixed issues with SysQue causing Revit to crash when clicking on a SysQue model element, especially in a workshare environment

  • For worksharing workflows, SysQue no longer takes ownership of multiple views while placing/calculating hangers

SysQue v8.0.1 is a full install and does not require SysQue v8.0 to be uninstalled prior to installing this version. 

If you participated in the SysQue v8.0.1 Release Candidate, you need to uninstall your current v8.0.1 before you install the v8.0.1 December release.

If your team is using a shared XML (specifications), all users must be on v8.0.1

As a result of these changes, SysQue is faster and more reliable across multiple areas of the application.

Please visit the Trimble MEP YouTube Channel for all the latest SysQue product videos, SysQue v8.0 videos, and the SysQue 101 Series videos. Please subscribe to the channel to keep up to date on the latest SysQue news. SysQue v8.0 Release Notes can be viewed here.


SysQue version 8.0.1 Duct application enhancements:


  • Improvements to speed of drawing duct due to changes in how SysQue applies color to duct flanges and couplings. SysQue now applies Service Type to flanges and coupling.

  • When deleting duct elements, coupling and flanges are deleted as well

  • Fixed issue where rectangular duct runs may not process straights properly

  • Duct connectors no longer lose color during some processes

  • Proper handling of detailing angled duct runs in Revit 2021

  • Resolved issue with Rectangular Duct disconnecting when dragging an angled run

  • When converting a generic run that has taps, SysQue processes the run completely without errors.

  • Resolved issue when modeling a Rectangular Duct in a section view, vertically, or adding an elbow, a gap is now properly placed between the duct and the fitting

  • Adjust short utility improvements (Make full length, adjust short, and extend fitting) especially after nudge changes

  • Square to Round duct fittings are correctly processed when modeled in the duct command

  • Improved Auto Tag for tagging rules of duct adjacent to transitions

Known Issues

  • After copying a run of duct, the copied run cannot be spooled

    • The workaround is to draw each run and not copy

  • When converting a generic model to SysQue all generic taps need to be set to perpendicular part type(existing issue)

  • When running “Change System”  on a run that has already been processed with SysQue, some taps may become  disconnected from the run

    • A workaround is to reconnect the tap

  • Can’t tap before or after a rectangular transition

    • An issue with losing face-based flanges on either side of the tap on the duct run.

Please visit the Trimble Community for more information on Duct for SysQue and the Trimble MEP YouTube Channel for all the latest SysQue Duct product videos.

PreFab Manager (Spooling)

SysQue version 8.0.1 PreFab Manager application enhancements:


  • Added option to the PreFab Manager to either create or not create reference planes when generating spool sheets. By having this option off you may see improved spooling performance when creating spool drawings (depending on the size of your model and the number of spools).


  • Resolved issue of Spool Schedules not generating on Spool sheets when additional parameters are added to the spool template

  • Resolved issue related to Number Like Items not recognizing element sizes (all disciplines).


Please visit the Trimble Community for more information on Spooling for SysQue and the Trimble MEP YouTube Channel for all the latest SysQue PreFab Manager product videos.


SysQue version 8.0.1 Electrical application enhancements:


  • For Cable Tray, when running a Change of system, vertical sections no longer flip orientation from what they should be.


Please visit the Trimble Community for more information on Electrical for SysQue and the Trimble MEP YouTube Channel for all the latest SysQue Electrical product videos.


SysQue version 8.0.1 Pipe application enhancements:


  • Valves process properly on sloped pipe

  • Resolved issue with Flange Adapters not populating correctly.


Please visit the Trimble Community for more information on Pipe for SysQue and the Trimble MEP YouTube Channel for all the latest SysQue Pipe product videos.



SysQue version 8.0.1 Supports application enhancements:


  • Resolved issue with Project Data not populating supports correctly.


Please visit the Trimble Community for more information on Supports for SysQue and the Trimble MEP YouTube Channel for all the latest SysQue Supports product videos.

Installation Notes

  • For the additional MEPcontent apps available during installation

    • The electrical Schematics app has been discontinued for Revit 2021 and onward. For more information, please email


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