April, 2012

This release of the Vulcan software system offers the following:

New Features/Enhancements

Fitting Enhancements

  • Non 90 Degree Rectangular Tees

You can now specify angles for each leaving side. Angles are allowed up to 89 degrees. The affected fittings are:

      • Fitting #177, square throat/square heel tee
      • Fitting #178, radius throat/square heel tee

Automatic Breakup of Radius Elbow

The Vulcan 2013 v1 software release allows you to force an automatic break up on fitting # 154, radius throat and heel elbow. When you use this feature, the fitting does not require segmenting.

  1. When inputting the fitting, go to the Options tab and select the Use Automatic Break Up checkbox. When this checkbox is selected and you save the fitting, the automatic breakup form displays.
  2. Click the Attempt Automatic Break up button, you are prompted for the number of segments you want created in the elbow (acceptable values 2-20).

New Flex Connector Styles

Additional styles have been added to the rectangular flex fitting. You may now produce this fitting in 1, 2 or 4 piece styles. Styles will be printed on the labels with the blank number (for example: Blank # - 1P, 2P, or 4P).

Turning Vane Runner Holes

Holes for turning vane runners can now be cut in the cheeks of selected fittings. In Shop Data under turning vanes, the following items have been added to specify how to cut turning vane holes:

From the Runner Information panel

  • Width– enter the width of vane runner  From the Runner Holes panel
  • Cut Runner Holes– Set to true if turning vane runner holes should be cut
  • Hole diameter- enter the diameter of the vane runner holes
  • Edge distance- enter a minimum distance from the center of the last hole to the edge of the heel.