November, 2012

This release of the Vulcan software system offers the following:

New Features/Enhancements


The following additions have been included for Catalogs to improve navigation, including additional icons, and the ability to save specific catalogs.

Catalog View Icons

You now have different options to view Catalog of Parts information by using preset views. This allows you to quickly find what you need, making the item selection process more productive.

Catalog view icons
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Fitting Icons


Icons have been added to the catalog module. This provides a quick visual reference, which helps you verify that you are selecting the desired items.

Vulcan fitting icons


The release of the Vulcan software allows you to group like items in the catalog of parts. When you group catalogs, the Vulcan program displays all fittings by the selected grouping, for example by fitting type. This will save you time by eliminating the need to use grid filtering to locate the items you want to select.

Save Catalogs

You can now save multiple catalogs in the Vulcan software. This feature allows you to develop your own catalogs to include fewer fittings. With fewer fittings in your catalogs, you can quickly find the item you need. This feature allows you to create industry and/or material specific catalogs.

Dampers DampersDampers Dampers



The 2013 v2 release of the Vulcan software provides easier positioning of dampers. New Top, Bottom, and Center buttons have been added to the fitting input screens. These buttons allow you to place your dampers much faster.

Vulcan dampers

Set Distance

Setting the distance for placement of a damper hole has been streamlined in this release of the Vulcan software. Options have been added that allow you to predefine the distance from the top or bottom of the item. This controls damper hole placement, which greatly reduces the time required to place this hole.

Set Damper Distance in Vulcan


Gauge: User-defined parameters

In most cases, the damper blade is two gauges heavier than the duct. An option has been added that allows you to set the parameters to automatically change the blade gauge. This will save you time be eliminating the need to manually change the gauge for each fitting entered.

user defined parameters


Scope Manager

A Scope Manager has been added to this release of the Vulcan Software. The Scope Manager is a universal editor, allowing you to edit, delete, and import scopes from any existing project into another.

Vulcan Scope Manager

The Scope Editor is limited to the project you are currently in; however, within the Scope editor, you now have the ability to import scopes from any project.

Vulcan scope editor

Field Verification

A checkbox is now available in fitting options that will flag the fitting for field verification. This allows you to quickly view flagged fittings in the field and handle them according to requirements before it is actually produced.

vulcan fitting verification

Additional Enhancements


    • Customized grid layouts can be saved for future display.
    • When the ‘No Liner’ option is selected in a project, this setting is retained when creating new jobs.


    • Minimum length now calculates accurately resulting in pants to notch properly.
    • Notching on non-90 elbows is now more accurate when the entering end is smaller than the exiting end.
    • The correct connector allowance is now placed on drop cheek elbows when the entering end is smaller than the exiting end.
    • When entering a super nest fitting, changing the cut duct to the default duct is not an option.


  • The Vulcan system requires the part to be cut sequenced before you can add as a filler part.
  • When elbow throats are not the same or when the widths are different, cutting turning vane holes now behaves as expected.