February, 2014

Vulcan Software

Scheduled, completed, and shipped dates can now be changed directly from the grid.

Vulcan Software


Software Compatibility Enhancements

Trimble® Field Fitting Input

Communication between the Vulcan software and the Trimble Field Fitting Input software has been improved. It now includes error messaging if invalid values are entered for fittings.

field fitting input integration


field fitting input connection


Trimble® Tracking for Vulcan

The Trimble® Tracking for Vulcan software is now an optional feature in the Vulcan software.

Note – This feature is a purchasable add-on to your Vulcan software. Trimble is making it available at no charge to all users through August 2014. After August, you must purchase the add-on software to continue using it. Contact your Trimble Sales Representative for more information.

tracking for vulcan


The Tracking for Vulcan functionality allows you to easily track fittings anywhere - in the shop, field, and so on.

Enhanced features in this release include:

  • Compatibility with smartphones using a Bluetooth scanner. Note – The software no longer works with older hand-held scanners. Purchasing an inexpensive Bluetooth device may provide better financial incentives to your company.
  • Refer to the systems specifications document on the Trimble MEP website for more Bluetooth compatibility information.

CAD/Estimating Systems

You can now import fittings from most CAD and estimating systems into the Vulcan software. This allows you to bring in fittings from another software program, but still use the Vulcan software to process, produce reports, track your fittings and so on.

Trimble CAD and Estimating compatibility includes: 

  • Trimble® AutoBid® SheetMetal
  • Trimble® DuctDesigner 3D®
  • Trimble® Design Link
  • Trimble® Field Fitting Input

 Additionally, the Vulcan software is compatible with several non -Trimble applications. Contact MEP Technical Support for more information.


Additional Modifications

  • Connectors now properly apply to drop cheek elbows when exiting end is larger than entering end
  • Fitting #147-Damper Offset from top to bottom now works in metric
  • Imported spiral pipe now shows correct length on spiral pipe list
  • Damper Rod Offset is now correct when duct is 4 pc. Offsetting is accurate on Blank #3
  • A shipping list is now generated when job contains Catalog fittings
  • Heel wrapper on radius elbow now prints the straight on the correct end of a label
  • Fitting #608 is now processes liner blanks correctly
  • Errors no longer display when printing labels on first job after starting the Vulcan software
  • Nested fitting input window no longer displays an error when changing view to classic
  • Labels of 4 pc rect tap now reports properly
  • Fitting #716 Twisted Elbow now saves the construction style selected in default
  • Fitting #242 DC Sq Throat/Heel Elbow now allows you to put on a different throat
  • Fitting #194 DC Y Branch now included the Drop Cheek 2 pc Wrapper
  • Corrected the bulk reporting on the Shipping list
  • Editing the inner wall of a conical round tap when tap is on an oval body now allowed
  • Ftg # 180 and 183 now saves default offset locations
  • Catalog Fittings now appear on Audit Trail