July, 2014


  • When importing from Trimble® DuctDesigner 3D®, the Burn/Don’t burn option for round fitting collars now works as expected.
  • Labels will now print liner thickness with 2 decimal places.
  • The software will now place the proper connectors on a rectangular body with a tap (instead of swapping them).
  • For round offset fittings #318 and #320, a dimensional offset value has been added to the labels.
  • Taps will now be included in the shipping list as expected.
  • When entering the exiting end of drop cheek elbows larger than the entering end, the exiting end connector now updates properly.
  • Under some circumstances, an invalid error message displayed when entering flex connector fittings. This message has been removed from the system.

Trimble® Tracking for Vulcan

The Trimble Tracking for Vulcan software now includes compatibility with Android™ mobile devices.