January, 2015

New Features/Enhancements

This release of the Vulcan software includes the modifications and enhancements listed below.

Software Compatibility Enhancements

Bentley® Systems i-model Import

The Vulcan software now accepts fittings from Bentley Systems i-model. You must first export these from i-model to the Vulcan format.

Tracking for Vulcan

The Vulcan software now includes an option to turn on the Tracking for Vulcan software when you want to start using this application.

Additional Tracking for Vulcan Features

This release allows you to use the tracking software with a smartphone (iPhone® and Android™) with an inexpensive Bluetooth® scanner (as well as hand-held scanners). Using a smartphone allows you to track items anywhere (shop, field, and so on).

Note – Tracking for Vulcan requires additional licensing. Please contact your Trimble MEP sales representative for more information.

Vulcan Software

Mapping Editor

This release of the Vulcan software includes a new mapping editor. This allows you to easily map/edit values to the equivalent item in the Vulcan database.

Note – Mapping items to existing Vulcan items when importing data provides more accurate information in your Vulcan database.

You can open this editor in the Import Files screen by clicking Edit.

Items Grid

  • The Items Grid in the Vulcan software now includes a length column. This column provides easier location of length fittings for selection or editing.
  • You can now edit instructions for an item in the Items Grid. This eliminates the need to reprocess the job (as required in previous versions).

Purchased Accessories

  • You can now add weight and cost for accessories items while importing information for a job. This saves you time by eliminating the need to need to edit the item at a later time.
  • This release of the Vulcan software allows you to delete purchased accessories no longer needed.

Automatic Selection/Transition Style

The Vulcan software will now automatically selects the transition style based on the perimeter of the fitting.

Note – This automatic selection is done similar to the way duct is handled.

Operational Enhancements

  • Additional fonts sizes have been added for Sheet Review.
  • Project or Company Specification tags now display Name field in the Pressure Specifications window.
  • The project tree now displays red folder icons if the project is using a company specification.

Additional Modifications

  • To reduce the amount of setup, the Vulcan software now retains the last selected Copy Specifications.
  • The ability to copy a seam has been added to Shop Data.
  • The ability to modify and save the grid’s layout has been added to the fitting audit trail.